Certificate of Efficiency as a Pharmacist

Certificate of Efficiency as a Pharmacist is a 24 moths program conducted by the Department of Pharmacology.

Next Intake On 2018 January

Closing Date for Applications is 2018 – 12 – 01

  • demonstrate knowledge and principles (anatomical, physiological and behavioural) that are essential for the use and care of animals recruited for research.
  • apply ethical principles in lab animal research when designing an animal experiment.
  • recognize appropriate sedative, anaesthetic and analgesic drugs and methods that could be used in surgeries of lab animals.
  • discuss the physical environment and optimal conditions necessary for management of an animal house.
  • demonstrate all relevant practical aspects in animal experiments including animal handling, feeding, injecting substances, harvesting organs and suturing.
  • use efficiently and effectively ‘Replacement, Refinement, Reduction, Responsibilities and Rehabilitation’ concepts in laboratory animal science when conducting an animal experiment.
  • critically appraise published reports and journal articles related to laboratory animal science.
  • use appropriate statistical knowledge and skills in conducting research.
  • develop suitable alternative models using local material with creativity and innovation.
  • use the knowledge acquired to develop a protocol using lab animals and/or alternatives.
  • Duration: 24 months
  • SLQF level: 2
  • GCE O/L English Pass & GCE A.L three Passes including chemistry in science or mathematics stream.


  • General/ Special B.Sc. degree

A person who wishes to become a student of the course shall make an application to the Deputy Registrar/Assistant Registrar of the Faculty of Medicine, Kynsey road, Colombo 08 in the prescribed application form.

Applications received by the Deputy Registrar/Assistant Registrar shall be referred to the Director of the course.  The Director, having examined the applications with necessary qualifications, shall make the selection. The size of the intake will be announced at the time of calling for applications.

The participants who are willing to continue for the Postgraduate Diploma following successful completion of the Postgraduate Certificate in Laboratory Animal Science should submit a proposal within 2 weeks after successful fulfillment of the criteria for awarding the Postgraduate Certificate. The proposals will be scrutinized by the Course Director and approval will be given for suitable projects.

Average number of students per batch: 10 continuing from the certificate course.

Two years apprenticeship under master Pharmacist.

  • Three hour theory examination: 60%
  • Three hour practical examination: 20%
  • Viva- voce examination: 20%
  • Internal – Ceylon Medical Collage Council
  • External – Master Pharmacist

Course Fee:
Apprentice Training Record Book Fee: Rs. 200/-
Examination Fee: Rs. 5,000/-
Certificate Fee: Rs. 500/-

Professor P. Galappaththi (Course Coordinator),
Mrs.R.M.S. Menike (Contact Person)
Department of Pharmacology.
Phone: +94 112 695 300 ext: 195 / 198