Certificate of Proficiency as a Pharmacist

Certificate of Profeciency as a Pharmacist is a 24 moths program conducted by the Department of Pharmacology, on weekdays – full time basis. Those who have three passes for GCE (A/L) Examination including Credit pass for Chemistry in Science and Methamatics stream are eligible to apply.

Next Intake On 2018 January

Closing Date for Applications is 2018 – 12 – 01

  • demonstrate knowledge and principles (anatomical, physiological and behavioural) that are essential for the use and care of animals recruited for research.
  • apply ethical principles in lab animal research when designing an animal experiment.
  • recognize appropriate sedative, anaesthetic and analgesic drugs and methods that could be used in surgeries of lab animals.
  • discuss the physical environment and optimal conditions necessary for management of an animal house.
  • demonstrate all relevant practical aspects in animal experiments including animal handling, feeding, injecting substances, harvesting organs and suturing.
  • use efficiently and effectively ‘Replacement, Refinement, Reduction, Responsibilities and Rehabilitation’ concepts in laboratory animal science when conducting an animal experiment.
  • critically appraise published reports and journal articles related to laboratory animal science.
  • use appropriate statistical knowledge and skills in conducting research.
  • develop suitable alternative models using local material with creativity and innovation.
  • use the knowledge acquired to develop a protocol using lab animals and/or alternatives.
  • Duration: 24 months
  • Credit Hours: 84
  • SLQF level: 2

Three passes for GCE (A/L) Examination including Credit pass for Chemistry in Science and Mathematics stream.

By an Interview

  • Lectures
  • Practicals
  • Tutorials
  • Field Visit
  • Internship
  • Three hour theory examination
  • Three hour practical examination
  • Viva- voice examination
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ceylon Medical Collage Council
  • Department of Pharmacology
  • Department of Anatomy
  • Department of Physiology
  • English teaching unit of the faculty

Course Fee: Students should not pay for the course.

Professor P. Galappaththi (Course Coordinator),
Mrs. Y.M.Y.Nisha (Contact Person)
Department of Pharmacology.
Phone: +94 112 695 300 ext: 195 / 198