The Medical Education Development And Research Centre (MEDARC) of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo was established to support the curriculum change of the Faculty in 1993. Today it has developed into a national centre for medical education. MEDARC was upgraded as the Department of Medical Education of University of Colombo with effect from April 2016.

The Department of Medical Education provides educational support to the Faculty as well as to other medical faculties in the country and the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine. It has many collaborations with local, regional and international institutes of health, medicine and medical education.

Our activities include research in medical education and related areas, Curriculum development in health professions, review and evaluation of the MBBS course and providing educational support for staff and students in teaching/ learning, assessment methods and in educational research.

“The higher education so much needed today is not given in the school, is not to be bought in the market place, but it has to be wrought out in each one of us for himself; it is the silent influence of character on character.”

Sir William Osler