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       Until 1995 the M.B.,B.S. course was on traditional lines where the course was punctuated with the 2nd M.B.,B.S. and 3rd M.B.,B.S. examinations and terminated with the Final M.B.,B.S. examination. Clinical teaching was mostly in the tertiary setting of the Colombo group of hospitals. However, even within this traditional course, many changes were made over the years in both training and evaluation.
      In periodically changing its curriculum to keep pace with ever widening horizons of medical knowledge and possibilities, the Faculty has spear headed changes in medical curriculum in Sri Lanka. In 1995 the M.B.,B.S. curriculum was changed after six years of planning. The main objectives of the new curriculum are to reduce content and quantum of teaching by didactic lectures and instead to make learning more student centered.
       Towards this end teaching methods such as Problem Based Learning, Small Group Discussions, Seminars, Tutorials, Debates, Inter-Disciplinary Activities, Fixed Learning Modules, field attachments, and family attachments have been introduced. The student is encouraged by these methods to be a self-learner. System based learning, emphasis on behavioural sciences and the community are other important features of the new curriculum.

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B.Sc. Physiotherapy
       Physiotherapy is a health profession which deals with the prevention and treatment of human movement disorders. Its services are used in a wide variety of areas such as health care organizations, community, sports and workplace settings, schools and private practices. 
      The Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy is a new degree programme which commenced in the academic year 2006. The course was initiated by the University Grants Commission to introduce undergraduate courses in the Allied Health Sciences to the Faculty of Medicine. The course was planned and designed by a committee comprising of academic staff of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, the staff of school of physiotherapy and occupational therapy of the Ministry of Health and the extended Faculty of the main teaching hospital of the University of Colombo - The National Hospital of Sri Lanka.    
     The course comprises of five main streams. The basic Sciences Stream provides an extensive knowledge in musculoskeletal Anatomy and a vital understanding of the Physiological mechanisms of the human body. The Applied Physiotherapy Stream deals with core concepts of theory and practical aspects of physiotherapy which are crucial components of the curriculum. The Research Stream which deals with the basic concepts and principles of research, guides the student to design a research project, critically evaluate the research findings and communicate the research findings at scientific fora, while the Behavioural Sciences Stream helps in moulding the student into an effective individual and professional. The clinical stream which is based on practice-based learning, helps the students to obtain hands on experience in physiotherapy in a wide spectrum of clinical settings.
      The purpose of the Physiotherapy Program is primarily to meet the Physiotherapy needs locally and internationally by developing competent Physiotherapy practitioners who are analytical thinkers, educators and professionals.



B.Sc. in Pharmacy
         The degree programme in Pharmacy is a 4 year course, conducted jointly by the Department of Chemistry of the Faculty of Science and the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy of the Faculty of Medicine leading to award of B.Sc. (Pharmacy) as a special degree.    More Details.....

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