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1. Examination of Respiratory System
2. Examination of Cardio Vascular System
3. Neurological Examination - Cranial Nerves
4. Neurological Examination - Upper Limbs
5. Neurological Examination - Lower Limbs
6. Skills - Examination of Sensory System
7. Disorders of Gait
8. Skills - Hearing Tests
9. Skills - Hess' Test
10.Skills - Video Demonstration on Venepuncture
11.Urethral Categorization
12.Recording an Electrocardiogram
13.Hand Washing
14.Collecting Samples for Microbiological Investigation - Blood Culture
15.Cell Culture
16.Identification of Snakes
17.Investigation of Lung Disease
18.Inhaled Drug Delivery Devices
19.Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy
20.Pleural Aspiration
21.Respiratory Failure
22.Management of Acute Severe Asthma in Adults
23.BCG Vaccination
24.Mantoux Test
25.Counseling a Patient with Acute Leukemia
26.Communication Skills for Doctors
27.Developmental Problems in Preschool & School Children
28.Cutaneous Leishmaniasis
29.Leishmaniasis Part I & II
30.The Murder Trial - Medico Legal Drama