Other Courses

 Short term programmes conducted by the department  

  • Training of medical and paramedical personnel and other categories of personnel  in occupational health and safety
  • Training of trainers programme on healthcare waste management  

Extension courses conducted by the department 

Short term training of medical and paramedical personnel

The Department of Community Medicine has been providing education and training in occupational health and safety for the past two and a half decades. Through a project initiated between the Department of Health Services and Department of Labour with the World Health Organisation supporting the project, the department of Community Medicine commenced inservice training for medical (6 days) and paramedical personnel (5 days) for the Health Department. This was a comprehensive training which covered all aspects of occupational health and safety and was useful to these health personnel as they receive only a very basic training in OH & S prior to recruitment. Each of these training programmes offered a few placements to health personnel in the armed forces and in private sector organizations which enabled training of some medical officers in the armed forces and medical officers and other categories of persons in charge of health and safety in industries both in public and private sector organizations. These programmes have been held on a regular basis and continue to be held todate.

Nominations for the training of health personnel for the Ministry of Health are entertained by the Director, Occupational Health Unit of the Ministry of Healthcare & Nutrition. Nominations for the training of other categories of persons are accepted on request.

Short term training of other categories of personnel

In 2007, the department was successful in extending the training to other categories of workers. Two training programmes were conducted for officers in charge of health and safety in the garment industry. About 45 officers ranging from HR executives, compliance officers and safety officers were trained. In 2009, two short term training programmes on occupational health and safety were conducted to officers of the Red Cross Society. Twenty five officers participated in each programme. In 2011 another training programme was conducted where 25 officers in charge of safety were trained from the garment industry. These programmes were supported by the World Health Organization. Through these programmes the department was successful in establishing links with the industry.

  • Training programmes leading to a Certificate and Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety

In order to provide opportunities for training of different categories of personnel who could contribute to occupational health and safety, in 2002 the department commenced a certificate course followed by a Postgraduate diploma and a Diploma programme in occupational health and safety in the following years. These programmes are conducted on a fee levying basis and are held during Sundays from 8.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. The department at present conducts only the certificate programme (duration- 4 months) and the Diploma (duration- 12 months) programme. 

Objectives of these programmes

-  To develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies relevant and necessary for the promotion and maintenance of occupational health and safety in the work place

-  To develop the ability to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate activities that will promote and maintain health , safety and welfare of the workers

-   To promote the development of competencies and attitudes that will enable him/her to function as the professional working in the field of occupational safety and health


The main venue for the programmes is the Seminar Room of the Department of Community Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo. However, when participants are required to visit other institutions the relevant teaching will be carried out in the premises of such institutions. Field visit to industries will be arranged on a Friday.

Applications will be entertained through an advertisement in the news papers. Interested applicants could call the department for information with regard to the above courses.  All correspondence and communications could be addressed to:

The course coordinator

(Certificate/Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety)

Department of Community Medicine

Faculty of Medicine

Kynsey Road

Colombo 8.

Telephone: (general nos.) 9411 2695300, 9411 2688748, 9411 2688749

Telephone (direct) and fax: 9411 2677765



Certificate Course in Human Nutrition and Dietetics


The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka established as theCeylonMedicalCollegein 1870 is the second oldest medical school inAsia. The contribution made by this Faculty towards the training of health professionals, research and service provision has been wide and varied. Though a well established Faculty, it has responded to the needs and demands of the country with a high degree of responsiveness, by contributing to the postgraduate medical education in the country and by developing and implementing innovative training programmes in areas of importance in the changing socio-economic and demographic scenario.

Nutritional problems continue to be important globally, especially in view of their association with short term as well as long term health consequences. As in many developing countries, nutritional problems related to under nutrition have been the main focus of attention over the past few decades inSri Lanka. With the recent epidemiological and social transition, nutrition-related diseases such as non-communicable diseases are becoming public health problems creating a double burden of diseases in the country.      

Services existing for combating nutritional problems are implemented through the state sector and NGOs and, to a limited extent through the Private sector. Most health professionals in their basic training are exposed to the concept of nutrition and dietetics. However, with the increasing diversification of food habits, advent of food advertising and changes in lifestyle and dietary practices, there is a need for professionals in health related fields to be targeted for intense training in human nutrition and dietetics.    


To develop knowledge, skills and attitudes for:

  • Prevention of nutrition related health problems and promotion of nutritional status at individual and community level
  • Dietary management of common clinical conditions 


  • A graduate holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine, Biology or allied sciences,


  • Equivalent qualifications with minimum experience of 3 years in nutrition and/or dietetics

All applicants will be called for an interview to be short-listed for the course.


Approximately four months on a part time basis during weekends Saturday: 1.00 – 4.15 pm

Sunday   :  9.00 - 12.00 noon

                1.00 - 4.15 pm


Lectures will be conducted in the Board Room, Faculty of Medicine, Colombo.


Resource persons will be from the Faculty of Medicine,UniversityofColombo, and from other Universities, Ministry of Health, Medical Research Unit, Nutrition Society of Sri Lanka and other public and private sector organizations.


  • Registration fee: Rs. 3000.00
  • Course fee:        Rs. 35,000.00
  • Examination fee: Rs. 4000.00

  • Certificate course in Biostatistics and Epidemiology for Research

This course aims to give a broad overview and the basic knowledge of bio statistics and epidemiological methods needed for research purposes.

aimed at whom;

This course is specially aimed at those who are working in health and health related fields as well as for those in the social sciences field, in the public, private or non-profit making organizations who are presently engaged, or interested in research.

eligibility criteria

A first degree from a recognized university, or a professional qualification and experience of at least one year in a health related field. Only those who are short- listed from the applications received are eligible to follow the course


To develop the knowledge and skill needed to plan and implement research

course structure

The course will consist of 2 modules. Module 1 – Basic Biostatistics and module 2 –Basic Epidemiology. Candidates are free to apply for either or both modules

course content

Module 1- Basic Biostatistics

  • Types of data/Scales of measurement
  • Summarizing & presenting data
  • Measures of variation
  • Sampling & calculation of sample size
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Significance Tests
  • Validity

Module 2- Basic Epidemiology

  • Epidemiology in research
  • Descriptive Studies
  • Analytic studies
  • Experimental Studies
  • Quality of data
  • Common problems in epidemiological studies
  • Screening, Surveillance & Causality

teaching methods

The course will be delivered by experts in the field. In Addition to lectures the candidate would be provided with exercises on the relevant topics as well as with practical sessions, and hands on experience on computers when needed.

DURATION : 11 weeks.

The course will be conducted on Saturday afternoons and on Sundays (full day).

VENUE: Faculty of Medicine, No:25, Kynsey Road,  Colombo8,

COURSE FEE: --Total course fee-Rs. 25,000

--Rs.15, 000 (for those who wish to follow one module only)



The Department of Community Medicine,

Faculty of Medicine,

University of Colombo.


Uthpala on 011-2677765 Or 011-2695300 ext: 142


E-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Certificate Course in Health Programme Management                 

This course aims to give a broad overview and a basic knowledge of health programme management to all those interested and those engaged in health or health related programme/project activities as administrators,     programme planners or field implementing officers. It is conducted online to accommodate health workers distributed throughout the country as well as, candidates who are unable to undertake full time study due to their day to day work. Additionally it will give the trainees an experience of learning in the online environment.

The Course is targeted for:

  • Health programme planners
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Field coordinators

In state sector, private sector and profit making organizations. All health professional categories  interested in professional development would benefit by following this course.

Who can Apply:

Those  fulfilling the set of criteria specified in either  A or B

A. Possessing a bachelor’s degree in the fields of Medicine, Science, Arts or Social Science or an equivalent professional qualifications.

B. Currently employed as health programme planners/ managers/ supervisors/  fields coordinators in state sector, private sector and non-profit making organizations with the following educational qualifications

  • Pass in all subjects at the GCE Advanced Level Examination
  • Minimum of a credit pass for English at the GCE   Ordinary Level Examination

One day initiation workshop at the commencement  (conducted as a face to face session ).

This will be followed by six modules delivered online.

Module 1: Health and development

Module 2: Health systems

Module 3: Health resources

Module 4: Health planning and management

Module 5: monitoring and evaluation

Module 6: Development of a project proposal

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to,

  • Apply concepts of health and prevention in health programme planning
  • Identify the role of different sectors/  programmes in providing health services
  • Apply knowledge and skills in fostering partnerships with relevant sectors in health programmes
  • Develop skills to plan and manage a health programme
  • Develop skills of monitoring and evaluation small and medium scale health programmes
  • develop a project proposalTeaching

Teaching / Learning Methods

  • The main mode of delivering the course content will be online, using e-learning material and tutor facilitated group discussions.


  • Approximately  80 hours of  online  teaching  and learning   activities  (to be conducted over a period of 4 months)

Course fees

  • Rs. 25,000 per participants to be paid in full upon selection, prior to commencement of the course

Inquires : Dr Nalika Gunawardane / Faculty of Medicine - 2677765

               or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.