Postgraduate Programs



To fulfill a long standing need, the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology of the Faculty of Medicine,UniversityofColombo, has organized a course leading to Diploma in Toxicology. The course is offered to applicants whom hold a first degree in a field related to life sciences including Medicine from a recognized University or a degree or professional qualification and experience of at least five years in a related field accepted by the Faculty of Medicine and the Senate. All candidates must have taken chemistry in GCE (A/L) as a subject. It is designed to suit even a busy professional who can spare a few hours during the weekend to attend lectures, seminars and practical demonstrations.


The main objective of the course is to provide up-to-date, advanced and relevant knowledge in Toxicology professionals of the field of Toxicology

  • The programme of study leading to the Postgraduate Diploma in Toxicology shall be of 12 months duration and the examination shall be held within a reasonable period of the completion of the course.  However, the Faculty of Medicine shall in exceptional circumstances vary this scheme with the approval of the Senate.
  • The mode of instruction for the programme shall take the form of lectures, practicals, discussions, tutorials, demonstrations and seminars and will be offered in three terms each of 10 weeks duration.
  1. In the first term the student shall follow three modules.  The modules offered in the first  term are given in Schedule I.
  2. In the second term the student shall follow three modules.  The modules offered in the second term are given in schedule II.
  3. In the third term the student shall follow four modules.  The modules offered in the third term are given in Schedule III.
  4. In addition, the student shall complete a dissertation with the guidance of a supervisor appointed by the Faculty Board on the recommendation of the Coordinator
  • The list of modules offered, the syllabi and mode of examination shall be those set out under Regulations passed by the Senate from time to time.
  • The medium of instruction and examination for the Postgraduate Diploma in Toxicology shall be English.


  • Schedule I

 First Term

Introduction Module 20 hours
Analytical Toxicology Module 12 hours
Pesticide Module   12 hours
 44 hours


  • Schedule II

 Second Term

Drugs module 15 hours
Food Toxicology Module 09 hours
Clinical Toxicology Module 10 hours
 34 hours


  • Schedule III 

Third Term

Occupational Toxicology Module 09 hours
Forensic Toxicology Module 07 hours
Environmental Module 10 hours
Community Module 07 hours
Total 33 hours



The duration of the course is one year (three terms) and there will be approximately 90 hours of instruction.

 Lectures, seminars, practical demonstrations and tutorials will take place one to two days a week mostly  on Saturday mornings.

 The participants who successfully complete the course will be awarded a certificate of participation, if requested.



The examination leading to the Postgraduate Diploma in Toxicology shall take the following form.

A             Essay type examination – two papers

B             Dissertation – length of Dissertation, 5000 to 6000 words



Advertisements calling applications for the course will appear in National Newspapers.  Application forms can be obtained from the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Faculty of Medicine,Kynsey Road,  Colombo08.


The fees may be paid in two installments. The first installment should be paid at the beginning of the course and the second installment to be paid within three months of the commencement of the course.

Please note that fees paid are not refundable and subject to revision from time to time. Apart from course fees, a separate examination fee will be charged.


Application Fee : Rs. 200/=
Course Fee : Rs.60,000/= (Can be paid in two installments Rs. 40,000/= and Rs. 20,000/=)
Examination Fee: Rs. 1,500/=