Parasitic Diseases Research Unit (Former Malaria Research Unit)


1st  Row (L to R): Dr. S.A.S.C. Senanayake, Dr.(Mrs) N.H. Silva, Dr.(Mrs) H.V.Y.D. Siriwardena, Prof.(Mrs) S.D.Fernando,  Prof.(Mrs. N.D.Karunaweera, Prof.(Mrs) G.S.A. Gunawardena, Dr. P.P.S.L.Pathirana, Dr.(Mrs) T.N. Samaranayake, Mrs. S.A. Pieris
2nd Row (L to R): Mrs. T. Jayasekara, Miss. H.N. Pathirana, Miss. H. Wijesooriya, Mr. G.M.G. Kapilananda, Mrs. B. Deepachandi, Mrs. R.L.Dewasurendra, Miss. Y.K. Abayasiri, Mrs. M.H. Gunathilake, Mrs. U. Kariyawasam, Miss. Y. Gange
3rd  Row (L to R): Mr. R.P.M. Vipula Kumara, Mr. H.K.W.V.M.B. Ekanayake, Mr. S. Weerasinghe, Mr. G.H.G. Silva, Mr. M. Mohan, Mr. A.Wijesooriya, Mrs. D.N. Samarakoon

The Parasitic Disease Unit of the Department of Parasitology was formerly known as the Malaria Research Unit (MRU) (1988-2016). With the Department of Parasitology giving wider attention to all parasitic diseases of public health importance the name change took place in 2016.

Number of research projects are carried out at the Parasitic Diseases Research Unit (PDRU) contributing to the research and development activities in Sri Lanka. The PDRU also provides diagnostic services for various parasitic diseases.

The permanent staff members attached to the Department of Parasitology actively involved in the activities of the PDRU. In addition there are research assistants who are carrying out various research projects at the PDRU.

Research and diagnostic activities of the PDRU are mainly carried out for the following parasitic diseases and fields: