Application processing fees and protocol amendment fee

For the purpose of determining the application processing fee, six categories of protocols are identified:

1. Proposals funded by grants or sponsors:

    1.   Budget value < Rs. 500,000                        Fee Rs. 5,000
    2.   Budget value Rs. 0.5-1.0 million                  Fee Rs.10,000
    3.   Budget value > 1 million                               Fee Rs. 20,000
    4.   Budget value above Rs 5 million                  Fee Rs. 50,000

2. Extra-mural research conducted by an institution with a MOU with the ERC : Fee Rs. 3,000

3. Projects where the principal investigator is a student or academic staff member of the University of Colombo:Fee Rs. 2,000

4. Projects where the principal investigator is a member of the extended faculty or a trainer or trainee of the PGIM: Fee: Rs. 3,000

5. Industry-sponsored clinical trial: Fee: LKR equivalent of USD 1,000

6. Projects which are conducted by an undergraduate student of the University of Colombo, in fulfilment of a requirement of    the curriculum: free.

Where the application falls under two more of these categories, the higher fee will apply.

In the case of research projects funded by grants or sponsors where the grant or sponsor money has not been received yet, the next highest fee will be accepted at the time of submission of the application, along with an undertaking to pay the remainder as soon as the grant or sponsor money has been received.

Requests for exemption from fees, in the case of exceptional circumstances, should be made to the ERC and approval obtained before submitting the application.

In addition to the above fee, if a previously approved research project requests an amendment to the protocol which is deemed by the ERC as a significant amendment, a further protocol amendment fee of 25% of the original application processing fee will be levied.

Cheques should be written in favor of “Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo”.  Cash should be paid to the UCFM Shroff; the Shroff Counter is open on working days from 8.30 am to 2.30 pm.

Fees once paid will not be refunded.