Your complete application

The complete application consists of all of the following:

1. Duly completed application form (which can be downloaded from this website at Downloads and Resources) Click

2. Checklist of contents (which can be downloaded from this website at Downloads and Resources), signed by the                   Principal Investigator

3. The detailed research protocol, which must be correctly numbered and paginated

4. Information sheets, consent forms, assent forms and questionnaire forms, where necessary in all three languages. Please note it is mandatory to include the following at the bottom of the information sheet: "This project has been approved by the Ethics Review Committee, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo. You may contact the committee if you wish to seek clarifications, record any concerns or make complaints about the study by calling 0112695300 extension 240 (between 9am and 4pm) or by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "

5. Data collection forms, case record forms, study tools, duly signed material transfer agreements and other documents that are needed to carry out the research project

6. A short, uptodate curriculum vitae of each investigator (including members of the ERC or its subcommittees)

7. For clinical trials, please include

        1. one page summary of the clinical trial
        2. a flowchart showing the trial protocol
        3. Certificate of GCP training for at least one member of the research study 

Please note that all these must be submitted as a soft copy and a hard copy.

The hard copy must be unbound, in triplicate (in three separate sets), printed on both sides of the paper.  The title of the research project must be displayed as a heading at the top of the front page on each of these documents, in the language relevant to that particular document.  All documents must be printed, and no handwritten documents are accepted.

The soft copies of Translations may be submitted as :

1.  PDF document


2. MS-Word document. (Must carry the fonts used in the Sinhala and Tamil translations)