Active Life (For beginners)                                                                             
  • What is exercise? And what is physical activity?
  • Measurements and interpretation of : Weight, Height, Body mass index
  • Exploding myths regarding exercise
  • Tips to break barriers of adherence to exercise
  • Planning an exercise program and rules to follow
  • Easy exercise program
    Building Fitness (For regular exercisers)
  • Theory from “Active life” will be revisited
  • Preparation to exercise
  • Exercise program to build strength and endurance
  • Tips to lose weight and gain weight
  • Tips to avoid injury
  • Customized program according to the participants
    Good Posture
  • What is good posture? And what are ergonomics?
  • What are good biomechanics?
  • Common postures
  • Common problems due to inappropriate ergonomics and biomechanics
  • How to arrange your home, office, and transport set up
  • Easy exercises to avoid pains
    Time to Relax
  • What is mental stress? And what is physical stress?
  • Their interrelationship.
  • Quality of life and productivity 
  • Factors aggravating stress.
  • Exercises to relax yourself