Online Diploma in Disaster Management


MEDARC conducts an Online Diploma Course in Disaster Management. At the moment second batch has started their online learning.

It also conducted a Certificate Course in Disaster Management and Mitigation for healthcare workers and two batches have successfully completed the course.

                                                      Details of the Course

Though most disasters cannot be prevented, the impact of disasters upon communities can be significantly reduced by preparedness and planning. The online diploma course in Disaster Management aims to deliver advanced training on the management of the public health implications of disasters.

 Course duration: one academic year

 Target group: Healthcare workers in both public and private sectors including primary and emergence care physicians, public health personnel, nurses, pre-hospital care providers and first responders.

 Course delivery: Participants are encouraged to develop key skills and adopt positive attitudes through Blended Learning which includes participation in interactive lectures and reflection on a range of key issues raised during online discussions and practical activities. The course will be made up of 18 core modules and 9 electives as below. The participants must complete all the core modules and two electives of their choice.

 Core modules:

DMC 5001: Introduction to Disaster Management

DMC 5002: Concepts in Disaster Management

DMC 5003: Hazard Mapping

DMC 5004: Scenario Building

DMC 5005: Planning for Disaster Management

DMC 5006: Role of the health care workers in Disaster Management

DMC 5007: Food and Nutrition needs during Disasters

DMC 5008: Creating Community Resilience

DMC 5009: Data Analysis

DMC 5010: Skills necessary in providing Emergency Care

DMC 5011: Implementation of a disaster management plan

DMC 5012: Management of Internally Displaced Persons

DMC 5013: Economic recovery

DMC 5014: Monitoring and Evaluation

DMC 5015: Medico legal aspects in disaster situations

DMC 5016: Communication skills required during a Disaster

DMC 5017: Psychological aspects related to a Disaster

DMC 5018: Ethical aspects and human rights related to a Disaster


Elective modules:

DME 5001: Disasters arising due to bomb blasts/ War

DME 5002: Disasters arising from fires

DME 5003: Disasters arising from floods

DME 5004: Disasters arising from chemical and radiation incidents

DME 5005: Disasters arising from blizzards

DME 5006: Disasters arising from earthquakes

DME 5007: Disasters arising from landslides

DME 5008: Disasters arising from hurricanes

DME 5009: Disasters arising from transport accidents


Eligibility criteria

1) M.B.B.S or equivalent registered/registerable with the Sri Lanka Medical Council(SLMC)


2) Healthcare workers who are involved in Disaster Management activities who have

- at least three GCE (A/L) passes AND

-undergone at least a two-year training course which leads to a qualification registerable in SLMC AND

-  documentary evidence of at least 3 years of experience in the health service AND

- a minimum of credit pass for English at GCE (O/L)


All candidates will be selected after a written selection test.

 Course fee:  Rs. 50,000.00

 Assessment: Participants will be assessed by written assignments submitted electronically at the end of each module. These assignments are designed to promote application of the principles learnt to their own situation and critical reflection on the discussed approaches. The participant is expected to demonstrate mastery of the concepts and principles introduced in the module and their application. Formative assessments will be in the form of mandatory online forum discussions.

   Certificate Awarding Ceremony

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