Medical Faculty Students' Union is the official student representative body in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo.

The beginning of this prestigious student body extends to early 1980s, during that time the number of students were quite fewer and therefore the responsibilities were lesser. Then the Students' Union was consisting of presidents of the other main societies which included Sports Association, Students' Welfare Society, etc.

But as the number of students were increasing a dedicated team to handle this was needed. Thus an election in the university was held and office bearers were elected among the students. Later in 1970s it became a legitimate unit with passing of University Act in the Parliament of Sri Lanka.

Due to involvement of national politics inside the faculty via Students' Union, the moderator team took over and was able to bring a policy that no national politics could exist among the students.

But as the time goes along, the moderator system became unpopular among students. Thus the system collapsed and new group emerged on behalf of students and appearing for student rights. And this team published a policy declaration with the heading Students' Union for students. This is a system which maintains student democracy and listens to the student issues and appearing for them while involving in national issues when it is needed.

This system will persist till the students are willing to make decisions for themselves.......