There are 2 hostels for boys and 1 hostel for girls, which are situated very close to the faculty.

 Bloem Fontain Hostel

This is the main hostel for boys, with a capacity for 388 boys. For the academic activities of the students there are many facilities such as a study area, a computer room etc. There is one TV room and a newspaper table for the leisure time of the students. There is also a gymnasium for the students to improve their physical fitness. Food for the students is supplied by a chummery system and there's also a canteen which is functioning from 6.00 a.m. to 12 midnight.

The hostel is maintained by the Bloem committee, which along with the MFSU and MSWS see to the development and maintenance of the hostel facilities.

Girls' Hostel

The girl's hostel of Faculty of Medicine, Colombo is situated at De Saram Place, Colombo 10. It has an easy access to the faculty, National Hospital of Sri Lanka and to other teaching hospitals. It is a property of the University of Colombo and all the furniture to each room is also provided by them. It has 3 blocks of buildings with 2 study areas, a dining room and a kitchen. Current there are 234 medical students and 15 physiotherapy students benefiting from the hostel.