Policy Declaration

1. Students possess the right of electing student representatives and officials.

   i. Election of student representatives

    a)    Composition of representatives in Students’ Union and Welfare Society

  • Students Union and Student Welfare Society compromise of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students and the distribution is as follows. Changes can be made through a common agreement between members.


Students’ Union (13)

Welfare Society (9)


1st year




2nd year




3rd year




4th year




     b)   The student representatives of each year should be elected through a common agreement by the students of each corresponding year. This should be done at a batch meeting by the intervention of batch representatives through approval of proposals.

     c)    If more than the allocated number of student representatives are proposed from a certain batch, and if they cannot reach a common agreement within the batch meeting, the require number of representatives would be chosen through an election held within the batch. (Preserving the student confidentiality

    ii.            Appointing Office Bearers

      a)    The office bearers of the students’ union and welfare society are distributed among the batches in the following order. This can be altered by the common agreement of the student representatives.


Students’ Union

Welfare Society

1st year


2 Co-editors

2nd year

Junior Treasurer

Student coordinator, Co-secretary

3rd year


Junior Treasurer, Co-secretary

4th year

President, Vice President

President, Vice President, Academic Secretary

       b)   Appointing the above office bearers is done by the common agreement of student representatives of each batch.

      iii.            Any student representative elected for a certain student union year can be re-elected any number of times into the student union or student welfare society by the common agreement of their relevant batch.

      iv.            Minimum requirement to hold the post of president is having represented the student union for 2 year. (This will be implemented from the year that the A/L 2010 batch holds the top board)

      v.            When there are more than 2 students who have fulfilled the minimum requirements for a student representative of the top board or if there are more than 5 names being proposed, the student who gets the highest no. of votes form an election would be appointed to the post of president. If that student rejects the post, the student who has the next highest no. of votes would be appointed. Here the representatives of other A/L batches should inquire the opinion from their relevant batches and their agreements or disagreements should be taken into account.

 2. Re-election of student representatives and office bearers

      i.            At the end of each student union year, the office bearing time of the student union and welfare society comes to an end and the responsibilities of all student representatives are terminated.

      ii.            The power to demote any student representative who doesn’t fulfil his responsibilities within the student union year, is up to the students of the relevant batch. This can be done by approving a proposal within the relevant batch. The vacancy formed thereby should be filled by the relevant batch.

      iii.            Thus the accused student should be given an opportunity to present reasons for his accusation to his relevant batch, and subsequently the batch may decide to or not to proceed with the demotion.

 3. Faculty Board Meetings

      i.            Attendance of student representatives at every faculty board meeting is compulsory.

      ii.            The president of the student union should be present at every faculty board meeting, except for any unavoidable circumstances. He should be accompanied by another student representative. If the student union president is unable to attend the meeting, either the vice president or the secretary should attend it.

     iii.            All decisions taken during the faculty board meeting will be published in the faculty notice boards.

 4. General body meeting

     i.            The general body meeting is a meeting held at faculty premises, with prior announcement given to all faculty students. Here, the main officials of the student union and all other student will assemble. The following tasks will be carried out.

      a)    Informing about decisions

      b)   Re-capping previous actions

      c)    Discussing future actions

      d)   Obtaining proposals, ideas and opinions

In addition the students here have the right to directly question the student union or its officials, and the student leaders are obligated to supply answers to these questions.

   ii.            Holding a General Body Meeting

       a)         General Body meeting is held once every two months on a weekday on the last week.

       b)        Additionally a general body meeting can be called by the student union to inform/inquire student opinion on a special circumstance/regard.

       c)         Also, when students request a general body meeting to discuss a special regard, it is the responsibility of the student union to call a meeting.

 5. Student Union and Student Welfare Society Meetings

     i.            Student union and student welfare society meetings are held at least twice monthly. To prevent decision taking at other places and on an individual’s own accord, its power is completely given to the student union.

     ii.            The agenda should be made by collaboration of the student union and student welfare society secretaries. If there are any proposals which have been approved by a common agreement, they should compulsorily be included into the agenda.

     iii.            In addition, in special situations, meetings are called accordingly.

     iv.            After every meeting, student representatives from each batch should discuss the meeting’s contents with their corresponding batch at batch meetings.

 6. Income – Expenditure

      i.            The income and expenditure statements of the previous student union and student welfare society haven’t been accessible to all students and most student representatives. However, from now on the students have the right to know, inspect and question the income-expenditure statements. Therefore the student union and student welfare society will publicize quarterly income-expenditure statements. Final year statement will be presented at the end of the year.

    ii.            In addition, an accounts book should be maintained and it should be presentable to students at any given time.

 7. Appearing for problems of the faculty

     i.            Common academic and welfare problems will be addressed while maintaining good relations with the management and all academic staff.

     ii.            The facilities and environment required by the medical students who study at this faculty (who came after obtaining the highest marks from the island) to carry on with their academic and non-academic activities, would be ensured.

 8. Appearing for the right of free education

     i.            The student union would strive to protect the “right of free education” which is being progressively diminished by lowering the quality and security of medical education. We would consider, it our responsibility as current medical students, to ensure the right of education for current students as well as future generation. Any decision on this topic would be taken on the common agreement of students.

 9. Political Neutrality

     i.            Spreading opinions of any political party or any associated organization, or to use student union powers for any activity of above organizations is prohibited.

     ii.            During the official time period of the union top board, holding any position in an external political party or an associated organization is prohibited.

 10. Fresher’s rag

Any form of the fresher’s rag is not approved and will work completely against it.

 11. Creating a “Student Union for the students”

       i.            Although up until now, the selection of representatives decision making etc. has been done by student leaders, disregarding students and most student representatives from here onwards a true “student union for the students” will be created. This is ensured by the election of student representatives from within the students.

 12. Development of togetherness and harmony

         i.            The appearance of any conflicts in the faculty, based on race/religion/region etc. and discriminating students on that basis is thoroughly opposed, and all students have the right to take part in academic and non-academic activities while being entitled to similar privileges and recognition.

         ii.            Student togetherness, harmony and brotherhood within each batch and also between batches will be maintained. Additionally, good relations would be maintained between all students and academic staff.

 13. Working with students from other universities

       i.            Our faculty is one medical faculty belonging to a system of universities, the students of our faculty would have to work for common goals at certain situations. Here unlike in previous situations, the student union wouldn’t take decisions independently. Decisions would be taken by the common agreement of all students.