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  • Health and Wellness Unit




Whether your company operates as a small, medium or large enterprise we can offer advice on the essential occupational health services that you require and deliver them in a cost effective and timely manner.

HWU offers a wide range of workplace based health programmes to improve health and wellness of employees. They are conducted with the objective of promoting healthy lifestyles in the work environment, enhancing employees’ health and increasing staff productivity.  Our team consists of leading clinicians in the fields of Endocrinology, Psychology, Nutrition and Exercise & Sports Medicine.



General Health


Mental Health


Fitness & Exercise 


Diet & Nutrition


Sexual Health

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Apart from our regular programmes, companies can contact us for customized talks/workshops to suit individual needs.

If you are keen to have a programme conducted at your organization or event, do drop us an email with the following information:

  • Preferred topic and duration

  • Preferred data and time

  • Company name and address

  • Contact person and number


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