Certificates – “Induction Program 2021 for Early-career Academics of University of Colombo”

“Induction Program 2021 for Early-career Academics of
University of Colombo”

Organized by the Academic Mentoring Programme,
Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, 2nd of July 2021

Dear Participant,

You can download your certificate of participation from the link relevant to your name & serial number given below.

Ind2021_001 S.S. Ediriweera Download
Ind2021_002 E. Lokupitiya Download
Ind2021_003 K.R.M. Chandrathilaka Download
Ind2021_004 N.D. Gamage Download
Ind2021_005 Y.D. Perera Download
Ind2021_006 U. Branavan Download
Ind2021_007 W.H.T. Madhuhansi Download
Ind2021_008 M.A.P.C. Piyathilaka Download
Ind2021_009 D.M.A. Dahanayake Download
Ind2021_010 T.K.E.M. Prabodini Download
Ind2021_011 D.R. Wijayaratne Download
Ind2021_012 A.C.I. Kinkini Download
Ind2021_013 C.K. Hemachandra Download
Ind2021_014 N.T.S. Abeyratne Download
Ind2021_015 A.A. Rizwana Download
Ind2021_016 V. Hewageegana Download
Ind2021_017 N.V.D.P. Priyadarshani Download
Ind2021_018 K.G. Ketipearachchi Download
Ind2021_019 M.H.M. Hafeel Download
Ind2021_020 M.D.N.D. Perera Download
Ind2021_021 J.A.D.J.M. Jayakody Download
Ind2021_022 A. Rathnayake Download
Ind2021_023 R.D.C. Niroshinie Download
Ind2021_024 O.T.M.R.K.S.B. Kalawana Download
Ind2021_025 J.M. Dahanayake Download
Ind2021_026 A.L.M. Ihsan Download
Ind2021_027 A.R. Hasmath Download
Ind2021_028 D.M.D.P. Chandrasiri Download
Ind2021_029 S. Fernando Download
Ind2021_030 M.S.M. Shiffa Download
Ind2021_031 F. Nazeem Download
Ind2021_032 M.W.S.J. Kumari Download
Ind2021_033 T.D. Gooneratne Download
Ind2021_034 K.K.V.S. Peshala Download
Ind2021_035 S.W. Thenuwara Download
Ind2021_036 V.P.I.S. Wijeratne Download
Ind2021_037 N.V.T. Jayaprada Download
Ind2021_038 S.M. Young Download
Ind2021_039 N.N. Thilakarathne Download
Ind2021_040 P.K.S.S. Thilakarathna Download
Ind2021_041 D.G.N.T. de Silva Download
Ind2021_042 H.A. Dissanayake Download
Ind2021_043 A.P. Sayakkara Download
Ind2021_044 G.W.A.S. Lakmini Download
Ind2021_045 K.K.S.G. Sylva Download
Ind2021_046 K. Sirisena Download
Ind2021_047 Y.S.G. Wimalasiri Download
Ind2021_048 S. Bandusekara Download
Ind2021_049 J.J. Wewalwela Download
Ind2021_050 J. Rumaiza Download
Ind2021_051 W.M.A.M. Wijekoon Download
Ind2021_052 A.J.M.C.M. Siriwardana Download
Ind2021_053 C.M.A. Anthony Download
Ind2021_054 S.K.M.K. Herapathdeniya Download
Ind2021_055 P.D.D. Gallage Download
Ind2021_056 N. Chandraratne Download
Ind2021_057 S.M.S. Samarakoon Download
Ind2021_058 U.R. Chandimala Download
Ind2021_059 A.C. Senanayake Download
Ind2021_060 L.M. Rifnas Download
Ind2021_061 J. Arudchelvam Download
Ind2021_062 M.A.A. Sirajudeen Download
Ind2021_063 H.K.P.P. Kariyawasam Download
Ind2021_064 H.H.N. Kalyani Download
Ind2021_065 N. Rockwood Download
Ind2021_066 C.M. Baranasuriya Download
Ind2021_067 M.S. Sally Download
Ind2021_068 P.C. Gamage Download
Ind2021_069 T.H.R. Samanmalee Download
Ind2021_070 A.M. Muthalib Download
Ind2021_071 A.H.A. Fazeenah Download
Ind2021_072 M.F.J. Alles Download
Ind2021_073 H.K.D.K. Fernando Download
Ind2021_074 W.M.L.V. Wanninayake Download
Ind2021_075 B.M.S. Amarajeewa Download
Ind2021_076 A. Fernando Download
Ind2021_077 R.H.S.K. de Silva Download
Ind2021_078 M. Nasmeer Download
Ind2021_079 P.A.S.N. Silva Download
Ind2021_080 B.P. Siriwardena Download
Ind2021_081 R.A.B.U.I. Perera Download
Ind2021_082 D. Fernando Download
Ind2021_083 T. Kuhendran Download
Ind2021_084 N.M.M. Safeek Download
Ind2021_085 S.M. Raeesuddeen Download
Ind2021_086 J.N.B. Ekanayake Download
Ind2021_087 M.H.M. Nazeem Download
Ind2021_088 M.I. Manuha Download
Ind2021_089 H.K.N.R. Pradeep Download
Ind2021_090 F.N. Jamaldeen Download
Ind2021_091 D.M.R.G. Mayakaduwa Download
Ind2021_092 M.M.K.I. Marasinghe Download
Ind2021_093 P. Alagiyawadu Download
Ind2021_094 U.M.A. Kumara Download
Ind2021_095 P. Kirishanthan Download
Ind2021_096 M.A.A. Sirajudeen Download
Ind2021_097 B. Munasinghe Download
Ind2021_098 R. Thevarajah Download
Ind2021_099 L.N.C. De Silva Download
Ind2021_100 W.M.S.R. Weerasekera Download
Ind2021_101 K.V.D.J.P. Kumarasinghe Download
Ind2021_102 G.B. Rohini Download
Ind2021_103 M.C.N. Razana Download
Ind2021_104 U.G.M.P. Thilakarathna Download
Ind2021_105 H.U. Ratnayake Download
Ind2021_106 S.A.A. Dissanayake Download
Ind2021_107 K.T. Perera Download
Ind2021_108 V.K. Fernando Download
Ind2021_109 T.T. Ediriweera Download
Ind2021_110 P.D.D. Gallage Download
Ind2021_111 T.M.H.S.M. Pooliyadda Download
Ind2021_112 E.D.T.P. Gunarathna Download
Ind2021_113 G.C.S. Gunasekera Download
Ind2021_114 K.S. Madhushankha Download
Ind2021_115 D. Halwatura Download
Ind2021_116 A.D.D.S. Amarasekara Download
Ind2021_117 G.U.K. Wijekoon Download
Ind2021_118 T.R.G.N. Fernando Download
Ind2021_119 D. Suthakar Download
Ind2021_120 H.G.S.P. Hewageegana Download
Ind2021_121 R.N.M. Jalaldeen Download
Ind2021_122 A. Witharana Download
Ind2021_123 C.L.I.S. Fonseka Download
Ind2021_124 J.S. Wickramasinghe Download
Ind2021_125 U.S. Mutugala Download
Ind2021_126 M.G.A. Saumyamala Download
Ind2021_127 R.T. Surenthiraraj Download
Ind2021_128 S.A.D.A. Sathurusinghe Download
Ind2021_129 S.P.C. Fernando Download
Ind2021_130 S.M. Waidyaratne Download
Ind2021_131 T.P. Rathnasuriya Download
Ind2021_132 N.T. Weerawarna Download