Certificates – Virtual Conference and Launch of Phase 3 AMP Program

University of Colombo Mentoring Day 2021

Virtual Conference and Launch of Phase 3 AMP Program

Organized by the Academic Mentoring Program, Faculty of Medicine (AMP – UCFM) for Annual Research Symposium of University of Colombo, 22nd of January 2021

Dear Participant,

You can download your certificate of participation from the link relevant to your name & serial number given below.

UCMD2021-001 Malkanthi Abeyratne Download
UCMD2021-002 Pushpa Damayanthi Abeysinghe Download
UCMD2021-003 A.A.D.S. Amarasingha Download
UCMD2021-004 Dr.Y.W.R. Amarasinghe Download
UCMD2021-005 Ranjith Amarasinghe Download
UCMD2021-006 Rangana Jayashanka Amaraweera Download
UCMD2021-007 Chathuri Ariyarathne Download
UCMD2021-008 Supun Athukorala Download
UCMD2021-009 Rajeshwaran Babyshalini Download
UCMD2021-010 H.M.S.K. Bandara Download
UCMD2021-011 Samanka Bandara Download
UCMD2021-012 Mohamed Maheez Mohamed Cassim Download
UCMD2021-013 Eugene Corea Download
UCMD2021-014 Dr. Kusumi Vasantha Dhanapala Download
UCMD2021-015 Manage Prabhashrini Dhanushika Download
UCMD2021-016 Assaddume Gedara Mayura Madhava Dharmadasa Download
UCMD2021-017 Madhava Dharmadasa Download
UCMD2021-018 Sudharani Dias Download
UCMD2021-019 Piumi Dissanayake Download
UCMD2021-020 Dr. Dmb Thushari Dissanayake Download
UCMD2021-021 Sithara Dissanayake Download
UCMD2021-022 Piumi Dissanayake Download
UCMD2021-023 Manojee Domingo Download
UCMD2021-024 Edirisinghe Arachchige Nimesha Madhushani Edirisinghe Download
UCMD2021-025 Nimesha Edirisinghe Download
UCMD2021-026 H.E.M.H.B. Ekanayake Download
UCMD2021-027 Ayshah Fazeenah Download
UCMD2021-028 Deepika Fernando Download
UCMD2021-029 Buddhi Fernando Download
UCMD2021-030 Gayani Galhena Download
UCMD2021-031 Kumesh Prabhashini Gamage Download
UCMD2021-032 Lahiru Chathuranga Thihagoda Gamage Download
UCMD2021-033 Janaka Gamage Download
UCMD2021-034 Lahiru Gamage Download
UCMD2021-035 Hemali Goonasekera Download
UCMD2021-036 Sarath Gunapala Download
UCMD2021-037 Mrs. D.N.T. Gunawardhana Download
UCMD2021-038 Dimuthu Nayani Thumbehewa Gunawardhana Download
UCMD2021-039 Mhm Hafeel Download
UCMD2021-040 Chavika Hansini Download
UCMD2021-041 Niluka Harshani Download
UCMD2021-042 Sanjeeva Hulangamuwa Download
UCMD2021-043 Chamil Hulangamuwa Download
UCMD2021-044 Asrin Jabir Download
UCMD2021-045 J. A. S. Jayakody Download
UCMD2021-046 Himali Jayasekara Download
UCMD2021-047 S. S. Johoran Download
UCMD2021-048 Himal Oshadha Kalambarachchi Download
UCMD2021-049 H K P P Kariyawasam Download
UCMD2021-050 Priyanga Kariyawasam Download
UCMD2021-051 Dilmini Karunaratne Download
UCMD2021-052 Imendra Kotapola Download
UCMD2021-053 Dr. Pushpa Kulanatha Download
UCMD2021-054 Arundathi Kurukulasuriya Download
UCMD2021-055 Vithya Leninkumar Download
UCMD2021-056 Erandathie Lokupitiya Download
UCMD2021-057 Mallika Download
UCMD2021-058 H.M.Y. Chinthaka Mallikarachchi Download
UCMD2021-059 Nuwani Manamperi Download
UCMD2021-060 Amani Mannakkara Download
UCMD2021-061 Rifaee Mansoor Download
UCMD2021-062 Kamini Mendis Download
UCMD2021-063 Buddhika Munasinghe Download
UCMD2021-064 Dr.Sivanjali Myuran Download
UCMD2021-065 Mohomed Nawas Fathima Naleefa Download
UCMD2021-066 D E W Vishaka Nanayakkara Download
UCMD2021-067 Diyagu Baduge Tharindi Nandupa Download
UCMD2021-068 Oshani Madushika Pallege Download
UCMD2021-069 Nirmalie Pallewatta Download
UCMD2021-070 D. P. W. Pathinayaka. Download
UCMD2021-071 Vindya Mekala Pathiraja Download
UCMD2021-072 Mr. Yohan Perera Download
UCMD2021-073 Waniganeththi Pathirage Gayani Lasantha Perera Download
UCMD2021-074 Yohan Perera Download
UCMD2021-075 Kalyani Perera Download
UCMD2021-076 Kumesh Prabhashini Download
UCMD2021-077 Mendis Appu Prasath Download
UCMD2021-078 Nimal Punyasiri Download
UCMD2021-079 R. M. N. K. Rajapaksha Download
UCMD2021-080 Premini Rajendiran Download
UCMD2021-081 G.M.T.S. Ranathunga Download
UCMD2021-082 Tharaka Ranathunga Download
UCMD2021-083 R.M Nadeeka Rathnabahu Download
UCMD2021-084 Prasath Rathnasingha Download
UCMD2021-085 Vassanthini Ratnarajah Download
UCMD2021-086 Dr M M M Rifaee Download
UCMD2021-087 Dr.(Mrs) M.N.F. Rizniya Download
UCMD2021-088 Fathima Rizniya Download
UCMD2021-089 U.G.M.C. Manori Samarakoon Download
UCMD2021-090 Geethani Satharasinghe Download
UCMD2021-091 Paruhan Shanmugarajah Download
UCMD2021-092 Dr.Erandie Ediriweera De Silva Download
UCMD2021-093 W. Nilantha De Silva Download
UCMD2021-094 Shanahan De Silva Download
UCMD2021-095 Tara Silva Download
UCMD2021-096 Dr. Nirmala D. Sirisena Download
UCMD2021-097 Dr.Yamuna Siriwardana Download
UCMD2021-098 Dhammika Deepani Siriwardhana Download
UCMD2021-099 Deepani Siriwardhana Download
UCMD2021-100 Anojan Sivagnanaselvam Download
UCMD2021-101 Nagendram Skandakumar Download
UCMD2021-102 Dumindu Soorige Download
UCMD2021-103 Dr Aam Subodinee Download
UCMD2021-104 Sumudu Suranadee Download
UCMD2021-105 Dr. Menaha Thayaparan Download
UCMD2021-106 Menaha Thayaparan Download
UCMD2021-107 Dharshani Thennakoon Download
UCMD2021-108 Chandima Tilakaratne Download
UCMD2021-109 Aashani Tillekaratne Download
UCMD2021-110 Mala Tudawe Download
UCMD2021-111 Yamuna Samanmali Udumalagala Download
UCMD2021-112 Yamuna Udumalagala Download
UCMD2021-113 Dr. Balamanohary Uthayanan Download
UCMD2021-114 Pramoda Shanika Prasanshanie Gonapniwala Vithanage Download
UCMD2021-115 Pramoda Vithanage Download
UCMD2021-116 Anuradha Waidyasekara Download
UCMD2021-117 Chamari Weeraratne Download
UCMD2021-118 W. A. Weerasooriya Download
UCMD2021-119 Jayani J. Wewalwela Download
UCMD2021-120 Maheshwari Wickrama Download
UCMD2021-121 Chandana Wickramaratne Download
UCMD2021-122 H W T D Wijayaratne Download
UCMD2021-123 Dr. Thushara Wijayaratne Download
UCMD2021-124 Dr.Harshima Wijesinghe Download
UCMD2021-125 A.W.B. Wageesha Sachinthana Wijesiriwardana Download
UCMD2021-126 Wageesha Wijesiriwardana Download
UCMD2021-127 Indira Wijesiriwardena Indira Wijesiriwardena Download
UCMD2021-128 K. S. L. Wijewantha Download
UCMD2021-129 Sahan Wijewantha Download
UCMD2021-130 Chamindri Witharana Download
UCMD2021-131 Saman Yasawardene Download