Development of manual food pelleting equipment

We are developed manual Food pelleting equipment for food processing of laboratory animals. Earlier we had not available this type of facility. According to this development it helps to reach laboratory rats and mice under normal feeding behaviors. Therefore they will not over weighted.

Another advantage of this tool we can provide animal food for out-siders like universities and research institutes.

For modification of this tool we used wasted plastics, wasted PVC, parts of manual meat grinding tool, super glue etc.

Teem of the Animal House Participated for this work:

  • Mr. BKAD Vijaya Kumara (Senior staff Technical officer)
  • Mr. KMK Weerasooriya (Technical Officer)
  • Mr. PGC Nawarathna  (Labourer)
  • Mr. SP Kathriarachchi  (Labourer)

During the modification

During the testing