General Convocation 2021 – University of Colombo

The University of Colombo held its General Convocation 2020 for the Faculty of Medicine on December 13th, 2022 at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall, Colombo. The event was graced by the Vice-Chancellor, Senior Professor H.D. Karunaratne, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Vidya Jyothi Prof. Vajira H.W. Dissanayake, several academic and administrative staff, and both MBBS and BSc Physiotherapy graduates.  Prices and Gold medals were also awarded to the outstanding medical students.

Following students of the faculty were awarded Medals for their outstanding performance
  • Prof. Tilak Hettiarachchy Award for Academic Excellence – Ms. H.G.H Udara
  • Student of the Year – Mr AI Nilaweera


  • Chalmers Gold Medal for Anatomy – Ms. H.G.H Udara
  • Professor K.N. Seneviratne Memorial Gold Medal for Physiology – Ms. H.G.H Udara
  • Gamini Kannangara Medal for Physiology – Ms. Rajayohan L
  • Gladys Jayawardene Gold Medal for Parasitology – Mr. A.M.P.R Adikaranayake
  • Vythialingam Sivalingam Gold Medal and Scholarshop in Parasitology – Ms. H.G.H Udara
  • Loos Gold Medal for Pathology – Ms. S.C Sahabandu
  • Professor Dulitha Fernando Gold Medal for the Best Performance in Community Stream of the MBBS Degree Programme – Ms. Rajayohan L
  • Mylopulle Silver Medal for Pharmacology – Mr. M.H.P.M Lankarathna
  • Senaka Bibile Prize in Pharmacology – Mr. A.M.P.R Adikaranayake
  • N.D.W Lionel Medal – Mr. M.H.P.M Lankarathna
  • Dr D. de S. Muthukumarana Memorial Prize for Medicine – Ms. S.C Sahabandu
  • Professor K Dharmadasa Gold Medal for Clinical Medicine – Ms. S.C Sahabandu
  • Rajasuriya Prize for Clinical Medicine – Ms. S.C Sahabandu
  • Dhunjishaw Dadabhoy Gold Medal for Medicine – Mr. M.H.P.M Lankarathna
  • Professor Channa Wijesinghe Medal for Psychiatry – Mr. M.H.P.M Lankarathna
  • Wilson Illangakoon Gold Medal in Clinical Psychiatry – Ms. H.G.H Udara
  • Maneckbai Dadabhoy Gold Medal for Midwifery (Obstetrics) – Ms. H.G.H Udara
  • The Naomi Thiagarajah Prize for Midwifery –  Ms. H.G.H Udara
  • Prof. S.S. Ratnam Book Token for Gynaecology – Ms. A.N Perera
  • Dr. A.D Wijesena Memorial Gold Medal for Obstetrics & Gynaecology – Ms. Rajayohan L
  • Prof. D.E. Gunatilake Memorial Prize in Obstetrics and Gynaecology – Ms. Rajayohan L
  • Ranasinghe Memorial Prize for Reproductive Health – Ms. H.G.H Udara
  • Prof. T. Visvanathan Gold Medal for Excellence in Clinical Obstetrics & Gynaecology – Ms. S.C Sahabandu
  • Dr. Alaric Jayasinghe Memorial Gold Medal in Paediatrics – Ms. H.G.H Udara
  • Professor Sanath P. Lamabadusuriya Gold Medal for Clinical Paediatrics – Ms. J.P Fernandopulle
  • Garvin Gold Medal for Operative Surgery – Mr. W.H.B Hemanga
  • Dr. M.N. Burhan Gold Medal for Surgery – Ms. H.G.H Udara
  • The Rockwood Gold Medal for Surgery – Ms. Rajayohan L
  • Sir Andrew Caldecott Gold Medal for Final MBBS – Ms. H.G.H Udara
  • Joseph Nalliah Arumugam Memorial Award for Final MBBS – Ms. H.G.H Udara
  • Sumanawathie de Costa Jubilee Award for the Best Student –  Ms. H.G.H Udara