Research Committee
Research Committee

The Research Committee is a standing committee of the Faculty Board, of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, responsible for matters pertaining to research. The Research Committee supports the evaluation process of applications submitted for University research grants by the faculty academics, recommend and forward the research allowance applications of academics, review and forward of progress and final reports and other communications related to research grants and any other matters pertaining to research. The Research Committee meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month.

  1. To recommend reviewers for research proposals submitted for research grants, University of Colombo.
  2. To evaluate applications for research awards and make recommendations to the University/Senate/Faculty.
  3. To evaluate research proposals / progress reports of university research grants.
  4. To evaluate applications for travel grants and make recommendations.
  5. To evaluate and make recommendations for any other related request forwarded to the committee.
  6. To evaluate applications for staff research allowances in accordance with circular no. 05/2014(i) date 28.05.2014. and make recommendations.
  7. To evaluate applications for reimbursement of publication fees.
Recording of the Workshop on effective research grant management