Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety

Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety/ Cert (OH&S) is a 4 moths/ 9 credit hours program conducted by the Department of Community Medicine. The program has been designed for the qualified candidates who has a minimum of two years experience in an industrial/ work setting.

Applications closed on 30th April 2022

  • demonstrate knowledge and principles (anatomical, physiological and behavioural) that are essential for the use and care of animals recruited for research.
  • apply ethical principles in lab animal research when designing an animal experiment.
  • recognize appropriate sedative, anaesthetic and analgesic drugs and methods that could be used in surgeries of lab animals.
  • discuss the physical environment and optimal conditions necessary for management of an animal house.
  • demonstrate all relevant practical aspects in animal experiments including animal handling, feeding, injecting substances, harvesting organs and suturing.
  • use efficiently and effectively ‘Replacement, Refinement, Reduction, Responsibilities and Rehabilitation’ concepts in laboratory animal science when conducting an animal experiment.
  • critically appraise published reports and journal articles related to laboratory animal science.
  • use appropriate statistical knowledge and skills in conducting research.
  • develop suitable alternative models using local material with creativity and innovation.
  • use the knowledge acquired to develop a protocol using lab animals and/or alternatives.
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Credit Hours: 9
  • SLQF level: 1

A minimum of two years experience in an industrial/ work setting will qualify a person to apply for the course.

written paper/ interview.

Average number of students per batch: 30

  • Lecture/ Discussion
  • Case Studies
  • Student Presentations
  • Video Presentations
  • Field Visits
  • Practical/laboratory Sessions
  • Assignment (individual & group)
  1. Assignment – Report (individual), Field visit/ Presentation (group)
  2. End of course Examination – Theory paper and OSPE


  • Professor Vera Baumans – (International Advisor, Netherlands), PhD, Lab animal science expert
  • Mr. Pim Rooymans (Netherlands), BSc.
  • Dr. Jan Meijer (Netherlands), PhD.
  • Dr. Montip Gettayacamin (Thailand), PhD.
  • Dr. Vijay Pal Singh (India), PhD.
  • Professor M. Akbarsha (India), PhD.

Local – Internal

  • Professor Mangala Gunatilake Dept. of Physiology, UOC)
  • Professor Preethi Soysa (Dept. of Biochemistry, UOC)
  • Dr. Dilshani Dissanayake, Dept. of Physiology, UOP)
  • Dr. Tharanga Thoradeniya (Dept. of Biochemistry, UOC)
  • Dr. Dulani Samaranayake (Dept. of Community Medicine, UOC)

Local – External

  • Professor Preethi Udugama (Dept. of Zoology, UOC)
  • Dr. Kamal Perera (IIM, UOC)
  • Dr. Mayuri Thammitiyagodage (Head/Animal House, MRI)
  • Professor Sugandhika Suresh (Senior Lecturer, Dept of Biochemistry, SJP)
  • Dr. Eranga Rajapaksha (Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, University of Peradeniya)
  • Dr. Nayana Wijewardane (Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, UOP)
  • Dr. Ramani Karunakaran of MRI
  • Dr. Chamila Layanaarachchie (Senior Lecturer, University of Peradeniya)

** Lectures by internationals if they are not in a position to attend, will be conducted as video presentations sent by them.

External / Internal collaborators: Utrecht University, Netherlands

  • Registration Fee: Rs. 10,000/-
  • Course Fee: Rs. 60,000/-
  • Examination Fee: Rs. 10,000/-
  • Total Fee : Rs. 80,000/-
  • Application Fee: Rs. 250/=

Dr.Dulani Samaranayake,
Program Coordinator,
Department of Community Medicine,

Phone: +94 112677765/ +94 112695300