UCFM Endowment Fund
UCFM Endowment Fund

Instructions to Donors from UK

The Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo  is supported by the UK Fund for Charities, a Charity registered in England and Wales (Number 1097462).

 If you wish to donate to the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo then please  click here to donate through the UK Fund for Charities. Just insert name, email and your contact number on the UKFC’s Golden Giving page and select ‘The Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo’ as your chosen charity from the drop-down list of International Programme member to support before proceeding to the donation payments page.

You are reading this because you care about supporting students as well as programs in the faculty and therefore interested in joining to address challenges of the Colombo Medical Faculty. Endowment fund is here for you to get involved and make a contribution to the Faculty.  We invite you to explore ways you can make a transformation in our Faculty. We are grateful to our donors and alumni, whose generous support has made a difference already. In addition to the welfare derived from your gifts, your participation in activities of the Faculty is also important.

University endowments represent donations of money, property or other financial assets for the ongoing support of the universities. The concept of an endowment fund is to place donated money or property in a fund and invest to generate income continuously. Generally the endowment is structured so that the principal amount is kept intact while the investment income is available for use, or part of the principal is released each year to address the stated needs.

The common objective of endowments is to provide support not just for one year, or even one generation, but in perpetuity.  In fact endowment fund is a long-lasting fund in which the spendable amounts are available for the designated purpose. We are thankful for all the support we have received to date and look forward to working with alumni and well-wishers in the quest for reaching excellence in the Faculty of Medicine, Colombo.

Establishment of Faculty of Medicine University of Colombo Endowment Fund

Endowment fund, of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo (UCFM) which was established in 2016 will become a perpetual source of financial support for the UCFM for its mission of teaching, research and services for patient care. Therefore establishing an endowment at UCFM is an act of great generosity since creating an endowment for UCFM will allow the donors to fulfill their own personal generous objectives while serving the necessities of UCFM. Endowment fund will allow UCFM to be less dependent on unpredictable sources of revenue, such as research sponsorship or government aid. In fact by placing the assets raised in an endowment fund at UCFM ensures the gifts made once by the donors continue to give forever, creating a lasting legacy for education, research and services in the UCFM.

UCFM Endowments may be established for many reasons including :

  • perpetually support educational excellence and research output of UCFM
  • say thank you for the education at UCFM
  • assist today’s students of UCFM to become the leaders of tomorrow
  • permanently honor a mentor or someone donor respects
  • leave donor’s permanent legacy at UCFM

The donors may choose to establish an endowed fund in order to honor a loved one, or to memorialize an important and relevant event in donor’s life, ensuring that donors name and generosity will forever be a guiding force in the success of UCFM.

Your gifts make difference

Thank you,

Professor Vidya Jyothi Vajira H. W. Dissanayake,


Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo

Endowments allow Faculty of Medicine to create and maintain academic excellence beyond what can be accomplished from state funding. Accordingly endowments will:

  • support scholarships
  • provide faculty teaching and research support such as funds for, distinguished professorships, visiting professorships or lectureships
  • enhance academic or other community support programs
  • assure unrestricted support that provides funds to allow the Colombo Medical Faculty to address new and emerging strategic priorities in the future that may be unanticipated today
  • benefit both current and future generations of students and scholars

An endowment gift could be a personal motivation to repay a debt of gratitude for the donor’s own education, to honor a loved one that has touched the donor’s life in some way, be it a school, family, teacher/ professor, clergy, friend and to make a positive impact on society. In addition to honoring a loved one or paying tribute to a memory, an endowment fund is a wonderful way to support the important work for future of education on a permanent basis. The donations are tax deductible for donors. Most of all the self-satisfaction of the donor for the contribution and understanding the importance of supporting UCFM not only during donor’s lifetime, but for generations to come.

Alumni, parents, and friends of UCFM who make endowment gifts are given the opportunity to ensure that the institution, or a particular program or activity at UCFM will exist in perpetuity. The donors can select an endowment and depending on the fund selected there will be an opportunity to title them as “The [Name of donors’ choice] Endowment Fund.” The choices of fund available in the endowment would be either a restricted or unrestricted stable value fund or legacy fund.

Support a Student

There are many deserving students who need financial assistance. There are many Endowments that have been established to support students. They are:

  1. Prof.N.D.W.Lionel Bursary
  2. Migara Ratnatunga Bursary
  3. Stanly Kalpage Memorial Fund
  4. Novel & Nora Bartholamuse Fund
  5. Prof. Seneka Bibile Memorial Fund
  6. Jit Gunawardhane Memorial Fund
  7. Gandhi Nelson Fund
  8. James & Beatrice Mathesinhe Bursary
  9. Prof. D.A. Ranasinghe Bursary
  10. Ninnada Bursary
  11. Malcom Dias Bursary
  12. Prof. M.B Ariyapala Jayasekara Scholarship
  13. Dr. M.H. Saddasena Bursary
  14. Lakshman de Silva & Lakshmi de Silva Bursary
  15. Dr. Anil T Imbulgoda Memorial Fund
  16. Prof. C Randeniya Bursay
  17. Dr. Ukaraperuvaluthippillai Bhanugopan Fund

In addition there are over 175 individual donors who are currently supporting one or more students with a monthly donation of Rs. 5000/- each.
To establish a named Endowment to support students in your name or in the name of someone who you wish to honour (parents, a relative or friend) or to support a student with a monthly donation please send an email to msfas@med.cmb.ac.lk with a copy to endowmentfund@med.cmb.ac.kl expressing your interest.

Support Scholarship, Teaching and Research

To maintain our premier position for scholarship, teaching and research it is necessary ensure that they are recognized and funded. There are many ways you can support scholarship, teaching and research through named endowments.

Endowed Awards to Recognise Scholarship

MBBS Programme
Chalmers Gold Medal for Anatomy
Professor K. N. Seneviratne Memorial Gold Medal for Physiology
Professor K. N. Seneviratne Memorial Award for Physiology
Gamini Kannangara Medal for Physiology
Professor Deepal Mathew Gold Medal for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Loos Gold Medal for Pathology
Gladys Jayawardena Gold Medal
Vythialingam Sivalingam Gold Medal and Scholarship in Parasitology
Mylopulle Medal
Professor Senaka Bibile Medal
N.D.W. Lionel Medal
Mathew Gold Medal
Vanderstraten Silver Medal for Hygiene
Professor Dulitha Fernando Gold Medal
Professor K. Dharmadasa Gold Medal for Clinical Medicine
Dhunjishaw Dadabhoy Gold Medal for Medicine
Dr. D. de S. Muthukumarana Memorial Prize
Rajasuriya Prize for Clinical Medicine
Professor K. Rajasuriya Memorial History of Medicine Prize
Rockwood Gold Medal for Surgery
Drogo Austin Gold Medal
Professor M.V.P. Peiris Gold Medal
Dr. M.N. Burhan Gold Medal
Garvin Gold Medal for Operative Surgery
Maneckbai Dadabhoy Gold Medal for Midwifery (Obstetrics)
Naomi Thiagarajah Prize for Midwifery
Ranasinghe Memorial Prize
Professor D.E. Gunatilake Memorial Prize in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Professor S.S. Ratnam Book Token for Gynaecology
Dr. A.D. Wijesena Memorial Gold Medal
Professor T. Visvanathan Gold Medal for Excellence in Clinical Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr. Alaric Jayasinghe Memorial Gold Medal in Paediatrics
Professor Sanath P. Lamabadusuriya Gold Medal for Clinical Paediatrics
Professor Channa Wijesinghe Medal for Psychiatry
Dr. Wilson Illangakoon Gold Medal in Clinical Psychiatry
Sir Andrew Caldecott Gold Medal for Final MBBS
Joseph Nalliah Arumugam Memorial Award for Final MBBS
Sumanawathie de Costa Jubilee Award for the Best Student

To establish a named Endowment to support awards in your name or in the name of someone who you wish to honour (e.g. an eminent person in the field or an organisation) please send an email to endowmentfund@med.cmb.ac.lk expressing your interest. The minimum Endowment is LKR 500,000.

Endowed Awards to Support Teaching and Research

Named Visiting Professorships [Minimum Value of Endowment LKR 10,000,000]
Prof. Sir Sabarathnam Arulkumaran Visiting Professorship
currently held by
Professor Krish Nirantharakumar MBBS MPH MFPH MRCP(UK) MD of the University of Birmingham

Named Visiting Lectureships [Minimum Value of Endowment LKR 5,000,000]
[None Established so far]

Named Visiting Scientists [Minimum Value of Endowment Rs 5,000,000]
[None Established so far]

Named research Grants to Support PhD Students [Minimum Value of Endowment Rs 10,000,000 ]
[None Established so far]

Named Research Grants to Support Research in a Particular Research Area [Minimum Value of Endowment Rs 10,000,000 ]
[None Established so far]

Named research travel grants – [Minimum Value of Endowment 2,500,000]
[None Established so far]


To establish a named Endowment to support awards in your name or in the name of someone who you wish to honour (e.g. a relative, friend, an eminent person in the field or an organisation) please send an email to endowmentfund@med.cmb.ac.lk expressing your interest.

Support Special Projects

There are many projects in the Faculty that require funding. They are listed below. You may wish to support these activities as an individual or a group or even as a batch of alumni.

Donate a Laptop or Desktop:

The Faculty is undergoing rapid digitalization. To support this effort, we require laptop and desktop computers. You may donate them in kind or in cash equal to the sales value of a laptop/desktop. To make a donation, please send an email to endowmentfund@med.cmb.ac.lk expressing your interest.

Renovation of the Anatomy Block and Establishment of the Faculty Museum and Centre for Research, Development, and Innovation:
The Anatomy Block would house the future Faculty Museum and the Center for Research Development and Innovation. The estimated cost of renovating the building is LKR 100,000,000

Renovation of the Old Buildings:

  • Block A (Administrative Building – Community Medicine Department, Student Common Rooms, Faculty Board Room) – [Estimated Cost – LKR 50,000,000]
  • Block B (Pathology Building – Forensic Medicine Department, Pathology Department, Parasitology Department, and Medical Humanities Department) – [Estimated Cost – LKR 50,000,000]
  • Block C (Pharmacology Building – Paediatrics Department, Pharmacology Department, Psychiatry Department) – [Estimated Cost – LKR 50,000,000]
  • Department of Pharmacology [ Estimated Cost – LKR 18,405,499.35]
  • Block D (New Building – Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department) – [Estimated Cost – LKR 50,000,000]

UCFM Tower Furnishing:

  • Furnish the Common Areas in Floor in the UCFM Tower [Estimated cost – LKR 5,000,000 per floor x 12]
  • Furnish Mini Auditorium 1 in the UCFM Tower [Estimated cost – LKR 50,000 per seat x 250]
  • Furnish Mini Auditorium 2 in the UCFM Tower [Estimated cost – LKR 50,000 per seat x 250]
  • Department of Allied Health [ Estimated Cost – LKR 18,090,600]
  • Furnishing the PG library / Small group discussion room of the Department of Biochemistry [ Estimated Cost – LKR 500,000]
  • Expanding research and development and service provision of the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology – [ Estimated Cost – LKR 67,244,800]

UCFM Tower Medical Library:

  • The relocation of the Medical Library to the UCFM Tower [Estimated cost – LKR 50,000,000]

UCFM Tower Clinical Centres:

  • Breast Health Centre [Estimated Cost – LKR 148,200,000]
  • Centre for Family Medicine [Estimated Cost – LKR 500,000]
  • Pharmacy [Estimated Cost – LKR 3,400,000]
  • Center for Assisted, Reproduction and Cellular Therapy [Estimated Cost – LKR 157,911,000.00]
  • Center for Children with Autism [Estimated Cost – LKR 300,000]
  • Center for Complex Hormonal Disorders [Estimated Cost – LKR 3,000,000]
  • Center for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation [Estimated Cost – LKR 2,000,000]
  • Center for Respiratory Medicine [Estimated Cost – LKR 1,000,000]
  • Center for Travel Medicine [Estimated Cost – LKR 1,000,000 ]
  • Centre for Genetics and Genomics [Estimated Cost – LKR100,000,000]
  • Centre for Health and Wellness [Estimated Cost – LKR 500,000]
  • Centre for Nutrition [Estimated Cost – LKR 25,000,000]
  • Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine [Estimated Cost – LKR 14,900 ,000]
  • Centre for Specialist Consultation [Estimated Cost – LKR1,500,000]
  • Centre of Excellence for Sexual and Reproductive Health [Estimated Cost – LKR 1,000,000]
  • Centre for Aging Research and Ambulatory Care for Older Adults [Estimated Cost – LKR 1,500,000]
  • Cognitive Wellness Centre [Estimated Cost – LKR 500,000]
  • Eye Care Center [Estimated Cost – LKR 2,000,000]
  • Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Centre [Estimated Cost – LKR 100,000,000]
  • Limb Salvage Centre [Estimated Cost – LKR 65,000,000]
  • Center for Combatting Tobacco [Estimated Cost – LKR 1,000,000]
  • Center for Meditation Research [Estimated Cost – LKR 3,000,000]
  • Center for Digital Health and Health Informatics [Estimated Cost – LKR 15,000,000]
  • Neuroscience research Centre [Estimated Cost – LKR 20,890,000]
  • Cardiorespiratory research laboratory [Estimated Cost – LKR 28,000,000]
  • Autonomic function research laboratory [Estimated Cost – LKR 20,000,000]
  • Gastrointestinal function research lab [Estimated Cost – LKR 8,000,000]
  • Renal and Rabies research laboratory [Estimated Cost – LKR 19,100,000]
  • Appetite and taste laboratory [Estimated Cost – LKR 300,000]
  • Functional imaging Laboratory [Estimated Cost – LKR 2,500,000]
  • Biomechanics Laboratory [Estimated Cost – LKR 200,000,000]
  • Gait Laboratory [Estimated Cost – LKR 200,000,000]
  • Skill Laboratory [Estimated Cost – LKR 5,000,000]
  • Biofilm Research Lab [Estimated Cost – LKR 14,000,000]
  • Elderly Care Physiotherapy Centre and Falls and Balance Research Laboratory – [Estimated Cost – LKR 1,000,000]

Other Projects:

  • Humanitas Programme – [Estimated Cost – LKR 1,000,000/-]
    The ‘Humanitas Programme’ has been running for over one year now and 7 such programmes have been implemented. This programme uses works of art, narratives and intellectual discussion to ‘teach’ or discuss topics that are relevant to health and medicine.
  • UCFM Planetary Health Project – [Estimated Cost – LKR 125,000,000/-]
  • University of Colombo Academic mentoring program  offered by FoM – [Estimated Cost – LKR 3,000,000/-]
  • Establishment of state-of-the-art “Statistics Café” and “Self Health Corner” at the Department of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Colombo – [Estimated Cost – LKR 35,000,000/-]

Projects of the Department of Parasitology:

  • Research on the use of nematode products as  immunotherapeutic agents – LKR 30Million
  • Study on vector (mosquito), symbiont (wolbachia) and pathogen (dengue, filarial) interactions – LKR 15 Million
  • National awareness raising, information gathering and health practices on a globally expanding parasitic infection found in Sri Lanka, leishmaniasis – LKR 13 million  (Open for consideration of partial  sponsorships)

Rehabilitation and Expansion of Hostel Facilities:

  • Bloemfontein Hostel Rehabilitation Project [Estimated Cost – 100,000,000]
  • De Seram Place Hostel Rehabilitation Project [Estimated Cost – LKR50,000,000]

Other Gifts to the Faculty

  • A bequest in your will or revocable trust
  • Beneficiary designation of your retirement plan or account or life insurance policy
  • Real estate and other immovable property
  • Remainder interest in a personal residence with life interest allowing you to live in your
  • home for your life time
  • Shares of stock exchange

The Faculty welcomes the donation of buildings and houses to expand student hostel facilities.
To donate towards any one of these projects please send an email to endowmentfund@med.cmb.ac.lk expressing your interest.

UCFM Endowment Fund Committee (UCFM-EFC) manages the endowment fund to support the Faculty by investing and enhancing its financial resources for the long term. According to the “hybrid model” of investing, UCFM endowment funds are managed through internal professionals (Dean, three elected Heads of Departments from pre, paraclinical and clinical departments, the president of CoMSAA, Deputy registrar and Senior Assistant Bursar) as well as through relationships with two corporate sector managers. This allows top-quality investment management by internal teams with cutting-edge capability from specialized personnel. The benefits of this approach include the alignment of interests, cost efficiency, and greater transparency. This will support the faculty, its mission, and its students by carefully stewarding, prudently investing, and strategically allocating the earnings from your gifts.

The UCFM-EFC, is responsible for:

  • Entertaining endowments from donors
  • Management and supervision of investments in the endowment
  • Decide on allocations
  • Monitors the performance and practices.

The Faculty and University Bursars are responsible for the day-to-day administration of the funds adhering to financial regulations of the state.

The UCFM EFC determines the annual endowment distribution by utilizing a payout formula that provides a steady stream of income to support present-day needs while preserving the initial endowments for future generations. Payout from the restricted funds can only be spent in support of the fund’s designated purpose. Unrestricted funds, which generally account for about 30 % of the endowment fund, are more flexible in nature and are critical in supporting structural operating expenses and strategic initiatives. This process is similar to those of many other universities.

If you are interested or require further information please drop an email to dean@med.cmb.ac.lk   or make an appointment through email to meet and discuss. Our unified team of members in the  Endowment Fund Committee will work with you to identify giving and engagement opportunities  that reflect your passions and desired level of involvement.

Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo.
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