Medical Library
Medical Library

The Library of the Medical Faculty, University of Colombo was founded in 1870, the same year the Medical Faculty was established. It was set up in the present building in 1955. This library is the second oldest medical library in South East Asian Region.

The medical library is the key provider of Library and Information Services for the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo. The library’s mission is to assist the Faculty in fulfilling its mission of developing a graduate who will contribute to health requirements of the individual and the community with competence, compassion and care.

The Library is kept open during week days from 8.00 am to 8.00pm and weekends from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm.


Permanent academic and non-academic staff members should submit a duly completed application form and the University Identity card, for staff registration. In addition, staff members are required to submit a copy of their appointment letter to the library, prior to their registration.


Students are registered by the library once they receive the University Identity card.

Postgraduate Students

Following fees are applicable for all postgraduate students who wish to use the Medical Library,

  • A non-refundable library reference fee of Rs.2500.00
  • A refundable library deposit of Rs.10,000.00 per book to obtain lending facilities.

Once the library receives the list of students, who have paid the library fee, library membership card will be issued. It is valid only for the duration of the course.

Above rates are duly approved by the Finance Committee of University of Colombo

Temporary Readership

Temporary library readership will be given, up to a period of three months, initially, on payment of a registration fee and renewal can be allowed at the discretion of the Librarian. Readers will be provided reference facilities upon registration. Readers are requested to provide a dully completed application form for their registration.

Registration fees for local and foreign users are as follows:

    • Locals : Rs.500/= for the first three months and Rs.500/= per additional month.
    • Foreign : Rs.1500/= for the first three months and Rs.1500/= per additional month.

These rates will be applicable for the elective students as well.

Above rates are duly approved by the Finance Committee of University of Colombo.

  • Users are requested to produce their Identity Card when entering the library, borrowing books or any other time, when called upon to do so.
  • Undergraduates must keep their belongings such as books, notes etc. inside the individual lockers provided by the Faculty.
  • No bags, cases, parcels, cellular phones, own text books, umbrellas etc. should be brought into the Library.
  • Readers can keep their belongings in the space provided at the entrance of the library.
  • SILENCE should be observed in all public reading areas.
  • Seats in the Library may not be reserved or removed by the users.
  • Readers are not allowed to hold discussions in the library.
  • Consumption of food and drink, smoking and the use of matches or an open flame are strictly forbidden in the Library.
  • No readers may enter any part of the Library to which entry is forbidden.
  • Visitors to the Library are required to obtain the permission of the Librarian to enter the Library.
  • Any disorderly or improper conduct or breach of regulations will render the user or borrower concerned liable to suspension from using the library.
  • Students should not occupy the reserved places and seats for Postgraduate students / Research students / University Teachers/ Differently Able People.
  • It is requested that all readers should avoid wearing unsuitable clothes such as shorts, caps etc. when they enter the Library.
  • Prior approval in writing should be obtained from the Librarian to take photographs/video inside the Library.


  • Library materials should be treated and protected as National Resources.
  • Please forward your suggestions and complaints to the Librarian.
  • Your corporation is appreciated to maintain an effective and efficient library service.

Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) System is followed up with the special library i.e. for medicine. The library has already changed manual catalogue to computerized library catalogue using library management system software – Koha. Open Access Catalogue (OPAC) is available for users.

The medical library is the first library which was fully automated in 2006 using ALICE for windows, in Sri Lanka. Electronic Security System was also implemented to the library under IRQUE project in 2015.