Diploma in Forensic Medicine & Science (For Legal Professionals)
Diploma in Forensic Medicine & Science (For Legal Professionals)

The Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, has been conducting a course leading to Diploma in Forensic Medicine and Science. The course is offered to lawyers, who would be in a position to benefit from an advanced knowledge of all branches of Forensic Medicine & Science.

It is designed to suit even a busy lawyer who can spare a few hours during the weekend to attend lectures, seminars and practical demonstrations.

Applications for 2023 intake will be called in July 2023

The main objective of the course is to provide up-to-date, advanced and relevant knowledge in Forensic Medicine and Science to members of the legal profession

  • to enable them to have a better understanding of the interface between law and forensic medicine and science and
  • to be better equipped to evaluate and consider expert medical and scientific evidence for expeditious and efficient administration of justice.

At the completion of the course the diplomates would,

  • Know relevant medical and scientific terms and usages commonly occurring in reports, evidence and literature, and the law relevant to legal medicine and forensic sciences.
  • Understand the meanings of relevant technical terms and phrases, and be able to use them in communicating  ideas in situations where these have a bearing on the interpretation of the law, and in the effective dispensation of justice.
  • Develop the skill of interpreting medical and forensic science reports and documents, and be able to handle expert evidence effectively.
  • Know, and be able to utilize medical and scientific evidence, and also know and be sensitive to their limitations.
  • Develop attitudes of team spirit in the investigation of crime and dispensation of Justice, respect towards expertise, and build healthy interactional relationships with expert and professional witnesses.
  • Understand the nature of specified practical procedures and be able to utilize the findings/opinions regarding them in procedures of investigation, litigation and dispensation of justice.
  • Attorneys at law and those who have a first degree in Law
  • An interview may be held to select candidates
  • Interactive Lectures online as well as onsite
  • Workshops on crime scene investigation, disaster victim identification, and gender-based violence.
  • Seminars and webinars on death investigation systems, expert medical witness, death in custody, and torture.
  •  Small group demonstrations of Post- Mortem Examinations and mock exhumations.
  • Mock-trial and other role plays.
  • Hands-on demonstrations of skulls and other  skeletal remains, human organs
  • Medium of instructions – English 
  • In-course continuous assessments will comprise of assignments and quizzes.
  • The final examination leading to Diploma in Forensic Medicine and Science will be held at the end of the course for those who successfully complete the course.
  • The examination consists of multiple-choice questions and short answer questions.
  • The participants who successfully complete the course with 80% attendance will be awarded a certificate of participation if requested.
  • Internal: 60%
  • External: 40%
  • Application Fee:
  • Registration Fee:
  • Course Fee: Rs.
  • Examination Fee:

*  The course fee of  * could be paid in 3 installments of * Initial payment, and two subsequent      installments of * each.

*  Online payment facility through debit/credit card is available.

* Application fee can be made at any Peoples Bank branch or online using pay.cmb.ac.lk in account of Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo using the application code *

Prof.Jean Perera,
Course Coordinator,
+94 112 694 016/ 0776765983


Dr. Ravindra Samaranayake
Deputy course coordinator,


Ms. Udeshika Senavirathne
Course manager,
+94 112 694 016/0777595866