Student Life
Student Life

There is no doubt that a relax-feeling friendly environment increases the efficiency of the learning curve, and participating extra-curricular activities reduces stress and develops the personality while making an easy-going character. Because of that the Faculty of Medicine has made a extreme consideration in students’ accommodation, health & welfare and non-scholastic activities. Students are always encouraged to pursue their interests in sports, religious & cultural activities and the performing arts.

“University life is about far more than just getting a degree; it is about meeting and working with people, having fun and most of all, growing up to be a responsible citizen.”

Accommodation, Health & Welfare

Accommodation for students is provided in hostels belonging to the University of Colombo. There are several financial assistance schemes such as Medical Students’ Financial Assistance Scheme, Mahapola Scholarships are available for students as well.

The University Health Service provides free medical and dental care for all students from two medical centres in the university premises and at the faculty. Special consultation and inpatient care is available on referral at the National Hospital of Sri Lanka. Laboratory facilities are also provided through the faculty departments.

The Medical Faculty Students’ Union (MFSU) is the official representative body of the students of the Colombo Medical Faculty, which has notably stood against ragging and introduction of external politics into the Faculty, resulting in a very peaceful and calm atmosphere. The Medical Students Welfare Society (MSWS) is the society which mainly deals with the welfare of the medical students.

The Faculty of Medicine Colombo has 2 main hostels that are home to almost 700 students. Our hostels are located within a five-minute walk to the faculty departments, lecture halls, library and most state hospitals in the Colombo group. We offer residential facilities to the students at a nominal charge.

Our hostels are of the traditional dormitory style where you live with one other roommate in the same bedroom. Washrooms and shower areas are shared by the students residing on the same floor. The dining room and recreational areas are located separately.

Our main hostel facilities are situated at

  • De Saram Place hostel-All female
  • Bloemfontein hostel-Male and female

All hostels are alcohol and smoking free and has Wifi facilities.

Meals are cooked in the hostel kitchens. A unique life experience is that students take turns to collect money from their hostel mates for the meal tokens, make menus, and provide the catering staff with the necessary food items.

The in-house cafeteria within the main faculty building provides Sri Lankan style breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and beverages at an extreme concessionary rate to the students and the staff. The cafeteria is open from …. Am to …. Pm seven days of the week. Food safety and cleanliness is monitored by a Canteen Committee that is appointed by the Faculty Board.

There are many other eateries which offer a wide range of foods and beverages, within a 500 metre radius of the faculty.

The University and the Faculty offer confidential counseling on a wide range of problems.

Senior Student Counselor of the Faculty:
Dr. C.L. Weeraratne,
Department of Pharmacology,
Contact No: +94 112 695 300 ext. 192

Year of Study Student Counsellor Contact Details
MBBS Program    
1st year & 2nd year Dr. C.L. Weeraratne

Professor I.M. Karunathilake
Department of Pharmacology
Contact No: 0112 695 300 ext. 192

Department of Medical Education
Contact No: 0112 695 300 ext. 243
3rd year & 4th year Dr. D. Fernando

Dr. S. Sivaganesh
Department of Physiology
Contact No: 0112 695 300 ext. 203

Department of Surgery
Contact No: 0112 695 300 ext. 6-2395
5th year Professor A.P. Malalasekera

Professor P. Galappatthy
Department of Anatomy
Contact No: 0112 695 300 ext. 120

Department of Pharmacology
Contact No: 0112 695 300 ext. 198
BSc. Physiotherapy Program    
All years of study Dr. D. Samaranayake Department of Community Medicine
Contact No: 0112 695 300 ext. 142
  • The Student Counsellors’ Office of the University of Colombo comprises of the Senior student counsellor, Assistant student counsellor, 8 Permanent faculty counsellors and 74 temporary counsellors. They are responsible for student welfare and discipline.
  • The Student Counsellors’ Office is located in the Main University complex on Reid Avenue (near the Main Library building). The Student Counsellors’ Office provides services to advice students to resolve their psychological, academic and personal problems. Other than that, training programmes, welfare activities and awareness raising programs are conducted by the Student Counsellors’ Office.
  • The Assistant student counsellor is available at the Student Counsellors’ Office on all working days during the University working hours. All information is kept confidential.
Senior Student Counsellor Mr. L.M. Kapila Bandara
0712 296 435
Assistant Student Counsellor Mrs. Nirosha Kulasekara
Student Counsellors' Office 0112 583 108
Deputy Chief Marshal Mr. P.P.P. Direckz
0715 371 522
Marshal's Office 0112 583 107
Special Hotline of the Student Counsellor's office (24 hours x 7days) 0702211311


Facilities are provided for indoor and outdoor sports, both at the main campus and the Medical Faculty. The main campus sports complex has facilities for carom, badminton, weightlifting, table tennis, chess, boxing and wrestling. Large grounds are available for general sports training including cricket, rugby, football, netball, hockey,and athletics. There are tennis courts, volleyball courts and basketball courts as well. The Medical Faculty has facilities for table tennis, carom, billiards, badminton and chess. A gymnasium is also available.

The Battle of Medicos, the annual cricket match between the Medical Faculties of Colombo and Peradeniya is organized jointly by the Medical Faculty Students’ Union and the Faculty of Medicine Sports Association.


There are a lot of events such as concerts & competitions available for the students to shine their  talent in arts.

The Ninnada concert is the focal platform for the students to display their inherent talents in music and dance, organized by the second year students with active participation from other Medical Faculties.

The Freshers’ Welcome includes a series of events, competitions and sports activities organized to welcome the new entrants to the Faculty. Organized by the immediate senior batch, this provides a gateway for friendship and fellowship.

The Faculty Concert is organized annually by the Medical Faculty Students’ Union and the most junior batch, to promote social harmony among students and staff and to highlight the artistic talents of the students.

Cultural & Religious Events

Students participate in the cultural & religious programs irrespective of their religion or race, which has strengthen the harmony & unity among of them further.

The cultural events such as Sinhala-Hindu New Year Festival, Thai pongal festival are celebrated in the faculty annually.

The annual Pirith ceremony and alms giving, Vesak Bakthi-gee recitals, Christmas Carols, Saraswathi Pooja, Haj Festival Celebrations, etc. are some of the religious activities in the Faculty.