Virtual & Distance Learning Centre
Virtual & Distance Learning Centre

Virtual & Distance Learning Centre (VDLC) was established to support the medical undergraduates of the faculty, by providing interactive learning materials to improve their learning experience and managing the Computer-Aided Learning (CAL) Facility.

Over the last few years, VDLC has contributed for the development of Learning Management System (LMS) of the Faculty of Medicine, an online-based education platform to facilitate the learning activities of medical undergraduates. In present, VDLC is responsible for administrating the LMS and keeping its contents up to date, as well as providing a multimedia-enhanced environment for hosting academic-supportive activities and workshops.

  • Administration of Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Providing a multimedia-enhanced studying area for a sophisticated learning experience.
  • Management of reserving the Computer-Aided Learning (CAL) Laboratory.
  • Providing the environment for hosting lecture sessions, academic-supportive activities and workshops.
  • Role as a digital archive of studying materials.
  • Providing necessary technical assistance for the students and academic staff.