Department of Paediatrics – Services

Hospital Facility

  • Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children (LRH) is the only children’s hospital in Sri Lanka, serving as a national tertiary care centre. With recent renovation and the construction of a new complex, the hospital is now equipped with 15 wards with a bed-strength of over 1100, and caters to a daily average admission rate of 150-200.
  • The University Paediatric Unit which is 60-bedded Unit is located in Ward 1 of the LRH. Apart from the 7 Specialist Paediatricians attached to the Department, several paediatric registrars, senior registrars and intern house officers also provide care in this unit.
  • Neonatology Unit, University Obstetrics Unit, De Soysa Hospital for Women: The Special Care Baby Unit of the University Obstetrics Unit situated at the De Soysa Hospital for Women is also under the care of the Department.

Clinical Services

Medical Clinics: Out-patient care to patients requiring general paediatric care is provided at these clinics which are conducted on Mondays and Saturdays.

Special Clinics:

Neurology Clinic Special pediatric neurological clinic is conducted every Saturday morning with special emphasis on epilepsy and neuro rehabilitation.
Child Development Clinic The Child Development Clinic, held on Thursday Mornings provides an integrated multi-disciplinary service to children with developmental abnormalities. A teacher trained in special education is attached to the Clinic.
Endocrinology Clinic This clinic caters to a wide variety of endocrine disorders ranging from hypothyroidism to growth hormone deficiency and disorders of sexual development.
Obesity Clinic This clinic is held on Thursday Mornings. This clinic provides care to patients with this emerging disorder.
Renal Clinic Care is provided to children with renal disorders that require out-patient assessment at this clinic which is held on Thursday Evening.
Early Intervention clinic for Neurodevelopment Disorders This clinic is held every Friday and focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to children at risk of neurodevelopment disorders.