The activities of the AMP-UoC Stream commenced in Phase 2  of the AMP Programme. AMP-UoC Stream activities in this phase focused on developing a culture of academic mentoring within the University of Colombo. Mentor training sessions were offered to academic staff of all faculties/institutes /campuses of the  University of Colombo. A series comprising six sessions was conducted with support from established overseas University programs on mentoring. These sessions aimed at developing the mentoring skills and capacity of academic staff to serve as mentors.  These sessions provided an opportunity for sharing experiences, critical self-appraisal and obtaining input from content experts. Program establishment support sessions were also offered to participating institutes. Some of the faculties/campuses/institutes who participated in the program have gone on to establish their programs in their individual institutes.

During this phase the AMP also developed many international collaborations and received support from many international institutions including the Academy of Medical Sciences, University of Birmingham, University of Cambridge, University of Bristol and University of Oxford in the UK, University of California San Francisco, USA and Monash University in Malaysia.

In addition to the above described workshops of the Program Establishment Support Series, the AMP also organized a Pre-congress Workshop on Mentoring  in February 2020 in conjunction with the Colombo Medical Congress held to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Faculty of Medicine, Colombo and the University of Colombo Mentoring Day in January 2021 as a post congress activity of the University of Colombo Annual  Research Symposium.

 A University Network in mentoring has been developed including nominated academic staff members from each faculty/institute/campus. The main aim of this network group is to Inculcate and maintain a mentoring culture within the University of Colombo. The activities carried out include facilitating and supporting individual in-house academic  mentoring programmes in each institute, establishing a University of Colombo Mentors Pool and supporting other Phase 3 activities of the AMP through the development of a common University process to support early career academics.

The Academic Mentoring Program (AMP) of the Faculty of Science, implemented in line with the AMP of the Colombo University reached its second-year milestone in April 2023. Throughout these two years, all the members of the program including the Mentoring committee of the faculty and individual mentors have strived hard to fulfill the program’s main objective of promoting academic excellence among young academics of the Faculty of Science targeting a quality output. During the two years’ journey, the program organized 6 workshops for mentees and directed mentees to participate in a number of other workshops and events organized by different organizations of the University of Colombo. Mentees agreed that workshops conducted have been well oriented to meet their needs and are of good quality, according to a survey conducted. These workshops have been conducted in addition to the regular mentor-mentee meetups arranged as per mentees’ requirement for guidance in their academic activities. Further, mentees are confident that the overall program has contributed to their skill development, and they have highly rated the support provided by their mentors.

The Academic Mentoring Program was initiated at Sri Palee Campus in January 2017 under the auspices of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC). The program aimed to facilitate the professional development of junior faculty members through mentorship provided by senior faculty members. On January 16, 2017, a meeting was held with all academic members to launch the program, during which the IQAC distributed a Terms of Reference (TOR) document outlining the mentoring program and the responsibilities of mentors and mentees. This document, along with a “To Do” and “No to Do” list for both mentors and mentees, was approved by the statutory bodies of the institution.

In December 2018, under the guidance of the former Vice Chancellor of the University of Colombo, the Faculty of Medicine initiated an academic mentoring training program for faculties and institutes. Dr. K.V. Dhanapala, the Coordinator of IQAC, was nominated to attend these training workshops. Over the course of six workshops held between December 2018 and September 2019, organized by the AMP-UCFM, Dr. Dhanapala gained valuable insights and knowledge on academic mentoring.

Following her participation in the training programs, the IQAC of Sri Palee Campus sought to enhance and sustain the mentoring program. To this end, they invited Prof. W. Gunathunga from the Department of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, to conduct a special workshop on academic mentoring for all academic members of the campus on May 24, 2019.

Moreover, as a direct outcome of attending the training workshops conducted by the AMP-UCFM, the IQAC Coordinator developed a comprehensive Manual for Academic Mentoring, which was subsequently approved by the statutory bodies of the university. A special workshop on the academic mentoring program was organized on February 28, 2020, during which printed copies of the “Manual of Academic Mentoring Program” were distributed to all academic mentors for their reference. Presently, the Academic Mentoring Program for junior members continues to thrive.

We collected feedback on the Sri Palee Academic Mentoring Program, developed by Prof. Yamuna Siriwardhana, and conducted an analysis of the results. The findings revealed that the academic mentoring program was successful in enhancing the academic life of junior staff members.

The success of the program can be attributed to the efforts and contributions of the AMP-UCFM team, headed by Prof. Yamuna Siriwardhana. Their dedication and commitment have played a significant role in the program’s achievements, and their contributions are sincerely appreciated by all involved.


As the first step of initiation of the mentoring programme of IIM in 2019,  a mentoring core group comprising interested Senior academics was developed with the support of the Director IIM.

Coordinator IIM : Dr. SP Molligoda

It was discussed at the Sectional Committee and recommendation sent to the Board of Management.  Five Senior lecturers were identified for the IIM Academic Mentoring Programme at the initial stages of establishing an Academic mentoring Programme at IIM

Step I

Applications were called for the posts of Academic Mentors as per the decisions taken at the 316th Ayurveda sectional committee meeting held on 13.03.2019. The following senior academics were recruited as academic mentors;

  1. Senior Lecturer Gr. I Dr. (Mrs.) SP Molligoda
  2. Senior Lecturer Gr. I Dr. (Mrs.) D A R Sakunthala
  3. Senior Lecturer Gr. I Dr. (Mrs.) S D Hapuarachchi
  4. Senior Lecturer Gr. I Dr. (Mrs.) P R Warathenna
  5. Senior Lecturer Gr. I Dr. (Mrs.) I G P R Kulanatha

Step 2

Dr. WASS Weerakoon was nominated as the IIM Coordinator from June 2022.

Step 3

It was decided to enhance the Academic Mentoring Programme in the IIM, and this was discussed at the 354th Sectional Committee held on 01st of June 2022.

Step 4

Applications were called for an update of the Pool of Academic Mentors: on 10-06-2022.

A Letter was circulated by the Director, Institute of Indigenous Medicine University of Colombo mentioning the Deadline: 20-06-2022

Step 5

Fourteen applications were received from Senior academics and the list of Mentors was finalized on  06-07 -2022

  1. Professor P K Perera
  2. Professor Fahamiya
  3. Associate Prof. SP Molligoda
  4. Associate Prof. S D Hapuarachchi
  5. Senior Lecturer Gr. I Dr. P R Warathenna
  6. Senior Lecturer Gr. I Dr. I G P R Kulanatha
  7. Senior Lecturer Gr. I Dr. K R Weerasekara
  8. Senior Lecturer Gr. I Dr. K P K R Karunagoda
  9. Senior Lecturer Gr. I Dr. A G Samarawickrama
  10. Senior Lecturer Gr. I Dr. MHM. Hafeel
  11. Senior Lecturer Gr. I Dr. H G S P Hewageegana
  12. Senior Lecturer Gr. I Dr. E D T P Gunarathne
  13. Senior Lecturer Gr. I Dr. W A S S Weerakoon
  14. Senior Lecturer Gr. I Dr. J M Dahanayake

New Academic mentors were enrolled in November 2022

  1. Senior Lecturer Gr. I Dr. AHA Fazeenah
  2. Senior Lecturer Dr S.K.M.K Herapathdeniya
  3. Senior Lecturer Dr. ND Kodithuwakku

Step 6

Appointment letters were issued by Director IIM for Mentors on 15-07-2022.

Step 7

Mentees identified by 04-09-2022

  1. Probationary Lecturer Dr. HLNR.Pradeep
  2. Probationary Lecturer Dr.SPAS.Nishan
  3. Probationary Lecturer Dr.LAWJ.Chathurika
  4. Probationary Lecturer Dr.NVY Diloopa
  5. Probationary Lecturer Dr.KD.Manori
  6. Probationary Lecturer Dr.MACL.Muthukuda
  7. Probationary Lecturer Dr.MDP Ishara
  8. Probationary Lecturer RMDA,Amarasiri
  9. Probationary Lecturer Dr.ASF.Shifra
  10. Probationary Lecturer MMM.Nifras
  11. Probationary Lecturer Dr.MSF.Sapra

 Newly recruited mentees – November 2022

  1. Senior Lecturer Gr. II Dr.  R L Y U Rathnayake – Newly recruited Senior lecturers
  2. Senior Lecturer Gr. II Dr. U R S R K Senarathne– Newly recruited Senior lecturers
  3. Probationary Lecturer Dr. P A S N Silva

Step 8

After the first formal Mentors’ meeting held on 07-11-2022 it was decided to circulate the names of all the mentors and their areas of expertise to all the probationary lecturers and newly recruited were Senior Lecturers requested to select their mentors according to their preferences.

Implementing the AMP

  • Shared the list of IIM mentors and their areas of expertise – 18-11-2022
  • Mentees were given the option of indicating two choices for a potential mentor
  • Mentees have now selected their mentors


Name of Mentees Selected Mentors
1. Dr. H.L.N.R. Pradeep Dr.P.R. Waratenne
2. Dr.S.P.A.S. Nishan Dr. H.G.S.P. Hewageegana
3. Dr.L.A.W.J. Chathurika Dr. P.R. Waratenne
4. Dr.N.V.Y. Diloopa Dr. H.G.S.P. Hewageegana
Prof. P. Kamal Perera
5. Dr. K.D. Manori Prof. P.K. Perera
6. Dr. M.A.C.L. Muthukuda Prof. Kamal Perera
Dr. Jeevani Dahanayake
7. Dr. M.D.P. Ishara Prof. P. Kamal Perera
8. R.M.D.A. Amarasiri Ass. Prof. S.P. Molligoda
9. Dr. A.S.F. Shifra Prof. N. Fahamiya
10. M.M.M.Nifras Dr. P.R. Waratenne
Prof. N. Fahamiya
11. Dr. M.S.F. Sapra Prof. N. Fahamiya
12. Dr. R.L.Y.U. Rathnayaka Prof. S.P. Molligoda
13. Dr. P.A.S.N. Silva Prof. Molligoda
Dr. Jeevani Dahanayaka
14. Dr. U.R.S.R.K. Senarathne Ass. Prof. S.D. Hapuarachchi
Dr. Jeevani Dahanayaka

The first formal induction of mentors and mentees was held on 1st of December 2022 at  the Mini auditorium with the Director, IIM and all the academic mentors and mentees.

The University of Colombo Institute for Agro-Technology and Rural Sciences (UCIARS) has successfully established the Academic Mentoring Programme (AMP) in-house group with the strong support and guidance of AMP-UCFM. The necessary approval to commence the AMP at UCIARS was granted by the academic syndicate, based on the submission of required documents. Thanks to the suggestions of Prof. Yamuna Siriwardana and Dr. Harshima Wijesinghe for the continuous encouragement for this startup. The preparation of guidelines and programme schedule for the continuation of AMP at UCIARS were prepared, and the selection of mentors and mentees was made. General guidelines, mentor and mentee guidelines were discussed at the first in-house meeting of the AMP group and potential topics were suggested for future meetings. As a part of our in-house activity, the first AMP session was conducted on the topic of academic disciplines, and the second was focused on the career pathway after the probationary period, led by Dr. Nisansala Vidanapathirana, Head, Dept. of Agro-Technology, UCIARS. The mentees were encouraged to focus on developing the necessary skills, publishing textbooks, writing research grants, balancing their careers, and exploring opportunities for further education to achieve success in their careers. The sessions emphasized the importance of continuous learning, skill development, networking, and goal setting in achieving career success. Overall, the sessions were beneficial in providing guidance and direction to the mentees on how to plan and prepare for their career pathway after completing their probationary period. With the successful establishment of the AMP group at UCIARS, it is expected that the mentees will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve success in their academic careers.