Induction Program 2023

The introduction to flyer

AMP-UoC is pleased to announce the commencement of the Induction Program 2023 for early career academics of the University of Colombo. This program is organized by the Academic Mentoring Program working groups of the University and Faculty of Medicine (AMP-UoC, AMP-UCFM).  We invite mentees, mentors, probationary lecturers and all interested academic members to attend the event.

Onsite event: 

28th February 2023

Time: 8.45am- 1.15 pm

Venue: Main auditorium, UCFM tower (at Faculty of Medicine),

On-line program: 

Series of pre-recorded webinars on essential university information will be available for all probationary lecturers and interested academic members. These webinars can be completed at your convenience within a defined period of time.  A certificate will be given for completion. Further details will be announced during the onsite event.


Please fill the google form on or before 20th February 2023 12. 00 hrs.

We look forward to your participation

Chairperson & organizing committee, Induction program 2023.