Medical Library – Library Resources

The Medical Library collection consists of approximately 40,000 (Generally circulated) books and periodicals. Six to seven hundred books are added to the collection through purchases and donations each year. The collection covers all aspects of Medical Sciences. New books that are added to the collection are displayed near the counter. All books are categorized as in follows;


These are given on loan for one-week period to undergraduates in the faculty.


This collection consists of important textbooks which are in short supply. Books in this collection are given on loan for overnight and weekend use.

Permanent Reference

This collection has Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks, Pharmacopoeias, past Question Papers, Dissertations etc,. A Special Collection of Sri Lankan Medical Literature is also available. These books are available for reference only. Books that are in great demand are kept at the central counter for in-house reference.

Special Collections

  • Sri Lanka Collection: The collection consists of Sri Lanka medical literature. Books written by Sri Lankan authors, books on medical and health, related to Sri Lanka, government publications, research theses etc. are deposited in this collection. This is on closed access and services are provided mainly for the academic staff and the research workers.
  • WHO Collection: The medical library acts as a depository library for WHO publications. The collection consists of WHO guidelines, reports, assessments, text books, statistics, atlases, manuals, etc.
  • Module Collection: Modules collection consists of important reading materials that are prepared by staff members in the faculty for use of students within premises.

This report consists of information on periodical holdings available at the Medical Library, from 1841-2019. Important information such as current and former title, publisher and publication status of the periodicals is clearly compiled in this report. Specific periodical issues available at the Medical Library of the University of Colombo are mentioned under the heading; UCM.
You can go through this report and submit the article requests along with the duly filled ILL Form.

# Title More Details
1 American Journal of Surgical Pathology view
2 Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health view
3 BMJ view
4 Clinical Chemistry view
5 Hypertension view
6 Infectious Disease Clinics of North America view
7 Journal of psychopharmacology view
8 Medicine view
9 Obstetristics & Gynecology Clinics of North America view
10 Pediatrics Clinics of North America view
11 Physiotherapy view
12 Surgery view
13 Surgical & Radiological Anatomy view
14 Surgical Clinics of North America view
15 The Lancet view
16 Trends in Parasitology view
  • HELLIS – Health Literature Libraries and Information
    • HELLIS is a consortium of health Libraries in the South-East Asian Region,
    • It was founded in 1980 by WHO SEARO (World Health Organization Regional Office for South-East Asia)
    • The main objective is to fulfill a long felt need for providing easy access to health information to those engaged in the health sector.
  • SLISTINET – Sri Lanka Scientific and Technical Information Network
    • Focal Point: National Science Library & Resource Center (NSLRC), National Science Foundation
  • NATNET – National Library Network
    • Focal Point: National Library and Document Services Board
    • Established in 1996
  • AGRINET – Agricultural Information Network
    • Focal Point: Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy (CARP)
  • CONSAL – Consortium of Sri Lankan Academic Libraries
    • Focal Point: Main Library, University of Colombo
    • Established in 2013