Medical Faculty Students’ Union – Services

MFSU being the sole representative and central student body, coordinates activities between batches and societies ensuring smooth functioning of the daily faculty work. In collaboration with MSWS and other societies, students’ union organizes events with other faculties mediating and ensuring active  student participation in such activities. Students’ union recognizes the needs and problems of students, brings forth new suggestions and accept ideas and suggestions arising within students which then act as the  ultimate implementing body to establish the betterment of students.

Union brings forth considerations of students by representing faculty student population in the faculty board meetings acting as the sole intermediate student body. Thus MFSU coordinates correspondence between faculty administration and students as well as with medical professionals.

Adhering to its core values MFSU is committed to implementing its anti-rag policy making the faculty environment supportive for academic work and extracurricular activities. MFSU binds every student with brotherhood to achieve its prime goals.

MFSU in collaboration with MSWS supports academic activities of the students by maintaining an online blog supplying learning material exclusively for students of Colombo Medical Faculty. Further MFSU is dedicated to academic excellence of students by organizing educational assistance programmes for different batches prior to their examinations and commencement of terms. Furthermore MFSU organizes clinical discussions assisting the clinical knowledge component of students. MFSU is also concentrated on inculcating ethical values and medical professional behavior among students which are accomplished by student lectures and demonstrations from first year onwards. MFSU conducts motivational programmes for students promoting their mental wellbeing. MFSU provides multimedia aid in academic activity demonstrations by providing its projector and sound system which is also provided during clubs and society functions. MFSU also maintains and regulates study areas within the faculty premises among students prioritizing barrier examinations and other related exams.

MFSU acting along with MSWS maintains and regulates a welfare bookshop providing stationary and photocopy services at a concessionary price. Also MSWS maintains a library for students providing novels and short stories from a large collection of books.

MFSU uplifts student welfare through maintaining a student friendly environment in common room by providing room for different leisure time activities like carrom, table tennis, chess and pool and cable TV facilities. MFSU maintains musical instruments in the common room for relaxation during free time and supports musical events in the faculty by maintaining a music room for students. Faculty gymnasium also functions under welfare society catering the need for physical wellbeing of students. MSWS & MFSU join with sports association in holding inter-batch sports festival “Medfest”, inter-faculty “LAWMED”, uplifting sport skills among students. By representing monthly canteen committee meeting MFSU & MSWS regulate quality food provision for students and by engaging in regular canteen inspection, MSWS ensures hygiene food preparation and storage. Furthermore MFSU participates in library committee meetings and taking suggestions from students to improve and maintain high quality library facilities for students.

Financial assistance for students is also provided through MSWS by directing needy students to scholarships provided by the alumni association and financial assistance scheme. MSWS with MFSU provides financial assistance in the faculty events organized by students adhering to conditions in the constitution. MFSU furthermore provides clinical coats at concessionary prices and maintains lockers for students ensuring convenience in the academic work.

MFSU holds a “Sisu Viru Samaruma” each year to remember the comrades who sacrificed their lives for free education and free health inspiring present students to acquire the courage and commitment they showed to protect free education.

MFSU and MSWS organizes the Faculty trip, a traditional event during New year season in the faculty with the participation of students, academic staff and non-academic staff promoting mutual relationship and understanding between each other.

Among the new initiative projects undertaken by MFSU/MSWS ‘Virtuous Healer’ programme enables to deliver a generation of doctors who are more compassionate and caring to the society by organizing activities aimed at well being of the patients at the hospitals we are attached to, as well as activities targeting development of humane qualities of students who participate in them through games and aesthetic activities. Furthermore MFSU is planning to compile a yearly magazine uplifting extra-curricular facets of students, providing a platform for societies to address students and portraying the student life in Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo.