Department of Physiology – Academic

Contribution to MBBS

The department makes a significant contribution to undergraduate medical curriculum at all levels. The main role is in teaching basic and applied physiology in the Introductory Basic Sciences Stream (IBSS) and the Applied Sciences Stream. The department also contributes to teaching and examinations in the Clinical Sciences Stream, Behavioural Sciences Stream and the Community Stream.

The Introductory Basic Sciences Stream addressing the bulk of basic physiology and the Applied Sciences Stream integrating basic and applied physiology into the modules. Physiology is intergarated both vertically and horizontally, horizontal integration with anatomy and biochemistry and vertical integration with the applied and clinical sciences streams. IBSS physiology curriculum is available in the IBSS web page and the applied physiology addressed in modules and other streams are stated in the relevant student guides.

Elective Programme

The department provides elective opportunities for specific subject areas on short term basis under oversees elective program.

Contribution to BSc. in Physiotherapy

The department of Physiology contributed to the compilation of course objectives and course document. The present contribution by the department includes conducting examinations in physiology as well as participation in research project supervision and portfolio supervision in behavioral sciences for this course.

Contribution to BSc. in Pharmacy

The department has actively contributed to this course by compiling physiology objectives and conducting all lectures, tutorials and examinations in physiology since its inception in 2000.