Department of Physiology – Services

Laboratory Services

The department of physiology offers a range of laboratory services to university staff, students & patients, at a nominal fee. The department strives to provide a quality service to a maximum number of patients. A list of investigations currently available is stated below.

Physiology Museum

The Department of Physiology of Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo was established in 1870 at the time of inception of the Colombo Medical School. There were various types of equipment in the department that were utilized for teaching, practical, research and maintenance purposes. The department retains a few ‘antique’ instruments used for physiological experiments in the previous century. Some of them are quite “elegent” and are markedly different from what we see today.Our efforts in making a Physiology museum in the department were aimed at collating all these remaining items and preserving them for the future generations. We have a small collection at present on which we hope to expand to achieve the dream of a grand Physiology Museum.We gratefully request you to donate any antique equipment relevant to physiology possessed by you so that it will enhance our collection.

Interactive CDs on physiology practicals

Interactive CDs on physiology practicals developed by the department are available at a nominal fee for students.

Identification of cells in a stained thin blood film
Measurement of whole-blood clotting time
An introduction to contraceptive methods
Blood groups
Measurement of blood pressure
Measurement of erythrocyte sedimentation rate
Osmotic fragility test
Electrocardiography (ECG)
Physiological changes during exercise
Audio visual lesson on peak expiratory flow rate
Manual of lumbar puncture
Bedside tests of hearing
Measurement of packed cell volume (PCV)
Measurement of blood pressure.(2nd Edition)
Measurement of renal concentrating power using relative mass density and osmolatity of urine
Bleeding time test
Examination of vision
Prothrombin time test
Hess' test