Department of Community Medicine – Academic

Contribution to MBBS

The department of community Medicine contributes to the MBBS under Community Stream.

The Community Stream teaching/learning activities and experiences in the MBBS Degree Programme are organized and implemented as 4 Stages from the first year onwards until the final year and achieve several faculty objectives. Participation of students is expected,  both individually and as groups,  to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and attributes in order that they may best meet the health needs of the individual and the community with competence, integrity, compassion and care.

Some objectives of Community Stream are,

  • To identify important illnesses in the community and other health related issues .
  • To plan and implement preventive, curative and rehabilitative measures at community level.
  • To identify, implement and evaluate activities that promote health and well being of the individual, family and the community.
  • To plan and carry out health related research projects.
  • To develop leadership skills to be able to work as a leader/member in different settings.
  • To develop, maintain and promote personal characteristics and attitudes for a career as a health professional.

Elective Programme

The department provides elective opportunities for specific subject areas on short term basis under oversees elective program.

Staff of the department is involved in the postgraduate teaching activities of many disciplines. Teaching in MD and MSc on community medicine programmes in the postgraduate institute of medicine is the principal commitment. Epidemiology, statistics and research methodology are some of the areas that the staff is experticed in teaching.