Department of Psychiatry – Services

Adult Mental Health Services

The Department provides adult psychiatry services at the University Psychiatry Unit, ward 59, National Hospital of Sri Lanka and child psychiatry services at the Child Psychiatry Unit, Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children, Colombo.

The University Psychiatry Unit, ward 59, NHSL is a 24 bed unit providing acute in patient care for patients with mental health problems.

The Liaison Psychiatry Unit provides liaison services to the NHSL a 2000 bed tertiary care hospital, the DeZoysa Hospital for Women, The Castle Street Hospital for Women and the Eye Hospital.

The Day Unit conducted at ward 59 provides services for patients who do not need in- patient care. Patients needing psychotherapy are also treated in the day unit.

Out Patient Care is provided at the Out patient’s Department Room 43 of the NHSL. Clinics are conducted on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 8.00a.m.-12.00noon. Apart from providing follow up care, new patient assessments are also conducted by consultant psychiatrists.

Rehabilitation services for patients with chronic illness are provided by the day unit. Thirty day patients at a time are provided rehabilitation for a period of six months. The Horticulture Therapy Program and the Social Skills Training program are conducted by the rehabilitation unit.

Specialized services are provided for patients with drug and alcohol problems in the unit. In-patient care and a weekly group therapy program is conducted by the unit.

The academic staff who are consultant psychiatrists can be consulted by obtaining an appointment from ward 59 NHSL or by phoning 011 2691111-ext 2279

Cognitive assessment of patients with dementia is carried out at the Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Colombo. Appointments could be obtained by contacting

Dr. Sunera Fernando,

Tele: 011 2691111 ext 2279 or 2259.