Student Life – Services

The Faculty of Medicine provides a number of services for its students. The purposes of these services are to assist students, so do not hesitate to visit the appropriate places when you have a question.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced a new name for the disease caused by the current novel Coronavirus epidemic: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) on 11 February 2020. University of Colombo provides up-to-date University information on the COVID-19 outbreak, including what the University of Colombo experts are doing.

Counselling is the process of assisting, guiding and empowering students to resolve their academic, personal, social or psychological problems/difficulties. The University and the Faculty offer confidential counseling on a wide range of problems.

Permanent Student Counsellor

Batch Counsellor Contact
AL 2021

Dr W.A.D.Lakmali Amarasiri,
Senior Lecturer Grade I,
Department of Physiology


Temporary Student Counsellors – MBBS Programme

Batch Counsellor Contact
AL 2021

Prof. Piyanjali de Zoysa,
Senior Professor,
Department of Psychiatry

Prof. Indika M. Karunathilake,
Department of Medical Education
AL 2020
AL 2019

Dr. Maduka de Lanerolle Dias,
Senior Lecturer Grade I,
Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Dr. Yamuna Rajapakse,
Senior Lecturer Grade II,
Department of Anatomy
AL 2018
AL 2017

Dr. N.S.M. Nilanthi P. Senanayake,
Senior Lecturer Grade II,
Department of Microbiology

Dr. Kumarangi Vithanage,
Senior Lecturer Grade II,
Department of Physiology
AL 2016

Prof A. Dinithi A. Fernando,
Department of Physiology

Prof. Dakshitha.P. Wickramasinghe ,
Department of Surgery
Overseas Students

Prof A. Dinithi A. Fernando,
Department of Physiology

Dr. Santhushya Fernando,
Senior Lecturer Grade II,
Department of Medical Humanities

Dr Vipula Bataduwaarachchi,
Lecturer (Senior Lecturer Transitional),
Department of Pharmacology


Temporary Student Counsellor – Physiotherapy Programme

Batch Counsellor Contact
All Years

Dr. D.G.S.K.L. Jayawardana,
Senior Lecturer Grade II,
Department of Allied Health Science


The University Health Service provides free medical and dental care for all students.
There are two medical centres; the larger centre situated in the Main University premises at Reid Avenue and the other at the Faculty of Medicine. Both are open for consultations and treatment on weekdays (8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. – excluding the lunch interval) and are managed by University Medical Officers (UMOs) and nursing staff.
Specialist advice and inpatient care is available on referral at the National Hospital of Sri Lanka. Laboratory facilities are available through the Departments of Physiology, Clinical Medicine and other departments when necessary. The University Health Service is responsible for maintaining environmental health within the university premises, student hostels and the canteens. The Public Health Inspector (PHI) of the centre staff is the responsible officer.

  • Medical Certificates

All students who are unable to appear for classes, clinicals or examinations should submit a medical certificate issued by the UMO of the University of Colombo or a valid medical certificate recommended by the UMO prior to the commencement of the activity if they seek relief or that is not possible, he/she should inform the Dean or Deputy Registrar within three working days from the date of absence (via email or letter) and forward a medical certificate (with the proof of informing the Dean or Deputy Registrar) to the UMO within seven days from the last day of recommended medical leave (if the leave is for examinations please refer to Examination Procedure in p.47). If and when necessary the UMO will arrange a medical board to consider a student’s request for medical leave.

Contact Number:

    Dr. Indrakumar Wasudeva
    +94 112 695 300 Ext: 256

There are several financial assistance schemes such as Medical Students’ Financial Assistance Scheme, Mahapola Scholarships are available for students as well.

      • The University Grants Commission calls for applications when the students apply for University Entrance. This is handled by the Ministry of Trade and Commerce. A total of 50 instalments of Rs. 5000/- is allocated per student.
      • Students can apply for this scheme through the Assistant Registrar/Student Welfare, at the College House, University of Colombo.
      • The Colombo Medical School Alumni Association (CoMSAA) (Click here)
      • The CoMSAA is an association for graduates and staff of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ceylon and University of Colombo. The financial donations from alumni and the funds generated by CoMSAA are utilized for scholarships and donations of textbooks, stethoscopes etc. Scholarships are advertised, and interested students may contact the President or the Secretary for further information.

        • Laptop loans

    Download Application

    A financial assistance scheme is in operation from funds donated by various well-wishers of the Faculty. Students who face financial difficulties may apply under this scheme. For further information please contact Prof. Athula Kaluarachchi.