Student Life – Support System

The Centre for Disability Research, Education and Practice (CEDREP)

CEDREP is established at the Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo, with the aim of promoting and providing academic leadership in the fields of disability research, education and practice for national and international agencies and organizations concerned about people with disabilities and their families. The Centre draws together accumulated knowledge and expertise of the academic staff of the University of Colombo and other partners to be an active partner in national disability policy and strategy formulation to create a culture of inclusion.

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Each student is assigned a Personal Tutor and introduced to each other on the first day at the Faculty. Please obtain the contact numbers of your tutor, and contact them if you are facing any difficulty. They will support you or direct you towards specialised support services when required. If at some stage of your undergraduate training you feel that you are unable to continue with the programme, please seek the guidance of the Student Counsellors or your Personal Tutor.

How to use the Personal Tutor Program Effectively   

Accommodation for students is provided in hostels belonging to the University of Colombo. There are two main hostels that are home to almost 700 students of our faculty. These hostels are located within a five-minute walk to the faculty departments, lecture halls, library and most state hospitals in Colombo. We offer residential facilities to the students at a nominal charge.
Our hostels are of the traditional dormitory style where you live with one other roommate in the same bedroom. Washrooms and shower areas are shared by the students residing on the same floor. The dining room and recreational areas are located separately.

Our main hostel facilities are situated at De Saram Place hostel (all female) and Bloemfontein hostel (male and female).
All hostels are alcohol and smoking free and have Wi-Fi facilities. Meals are cooked in the hostel kitchens. A unique life experience is that students take turns to collect money from their hostel mates for the meal tokens, make menus, and provide the catering staff with the necessary food items.

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De Saram

Warden Prof. Sudarshani Wasalathanthri (Department of Physiology) +94 112 695 300 Ext:203
Sub Warden Ms. Shashi Gamage +94 112 681 121


Warden Dr. Rezni Cassim (Department of Surgery) +94 112 671 846
Academic Sub Warden Dr. Sanath Senanayake (Department of Parasitology) +94 112 695 300 Ext:182
Sub Warden Mr. Danushka Sampath  +94 112 691 789

Map of the hostels


In addition to the Gymnasium facilities in the Faculty of Medicine, as students of the University of Colombo, students enrolled in the Faculty of Medicines are entitled to all sport and recreation facilities and Gymnasium facilities of the University of Colombo.

The in-house cafeteria within the main faculty building provides Sri Lankan style breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and beverages at an extreme concessionary rate to the students and the staff. The cafeteria is open from …. am to …. pm seven days of the week. Food safety and cleanliness is monitored by a Canteen Committee that is appointed by the Faculty Board.

There are many other eateries which offer a wide range of foods and beverages, within a 500 metre radius of the faculty.

Faculty bookshop provides all stationery requirements of the students, staff. Also, it provides all photocopying and binding needs of the students and staff.

The common area for students serves the students during their free time. It has a television, paper desk, lockers, Medical Faculty Students’ Union room and the Medical Students’ Welfare Society room with a photocopying facility where stationery is available at a reasonable price. Indoor games for students are also available in this area. The faculty canteen is used by the students and staff members. It is open from 6.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on weekdays and till 12 noon on Saturdays. The canteen provides food at subsidised rates for the benefit of students.