Student Life – Spotlights

There is no doubt that a relaxed-feeling friendly environment increases the efficiency of the learning curve, and participating in extra-curricular activities reduces stress and develops the personality while making an easy-going character. Because of that the Faculty of Medicine has made an extreme consideration in students’ activities. Students are always encouraged to pursue their interests in sports, religious & cultural activities and the performing arts.

          The Medical Faculty Students’ Union (MFSU)
    The MFSU is the official representative body of the students of the Colombo Medical Faculty. It is a registered legal student body established under the Universities Act 16 of 1978 of the Parliament of Sri Lanka. The Medical Faculty Students’ Union looks after the students’ needs and rights, and matters of student interest in the present as well as the future. The MFSU is engaged in many projects on behalf of the students including renovations of the junior common room and the study areas. The MFSU coordinates and spearheads various projects in association with other student societies in the Faculty. MFSU has notably stood against ragging and introduction of external politics into the Faculty, resulting in a very peaceful and calm atmosphere. The MFSU will strive to protect the “right of free education”. The MFSU consists of 13 elected student representatives including a president, vice-president, secretary, junior treasurer, editor and eight committee members.
           The Medical Students Welfare Society (MSWS)
    The Medical Students Welfare Society is the society which mainly deals with the welfare of the medical students. It functions along with the MFSU and carries out its activities. It runs a photocopy service, a stationery shop and a lending library which has a large collection of novels. It also maintains the faculty gymnasium, music room, study areas, junior common room and ladies’ room. The MSWS also represents the students in the canteen and library committees of the faculty. It conducts many other activities throughout the year.
           Physiotherapy Students’ Welfare Society (PSWS)
    The Physiotherapy Students’ Welfare Society is the society which mainly deals with the welfare of the physiotherapy students. It assists in developing knowledge academically among colleagues. It is involved in organizing cultural, social, sports activities and grants scholarships to students who are in need of financial aid. The PSWS also represents the students in the canteen committee of the Faculty. It conducts many activities throughout the year.The PSWS consists of 16 elected student representatives including a President, Vice President, Secretary, Junior Treasurer, Editor and Committee Members.

In terms of Sections 115 and 116 of the Universities Act No.16 of 1978, as amended the recognition of Student Societies and other Associations of students in the University shall be made with the approval of the Council. During the year under review, twenty-six (26) such Students’ Societies and other Associations used functioning in the University.

Steps to form a students’ societies

  • A Senior Treasurer would be appointed to every Student Society on the recommendation of the Dean and Head of the Department concerned (where relevant) with the approval of the Vice-Chancellor.
  • The Constitution and the proposal with regard to the formation of a society should be recommended by the Senior Student Counsellor.
  • The proposed constitution would be tabled before the Deans Committee when they are received with the observation of the Dean and the Faculty Board of the respective Faculty where the society has an operational link. The Constitution shall be approved by the Council.
  • If the society is not limited in its scope to a particular Faculty or Department, the membership should be open to all students of the University of Colombo.

Clubs and Societies

  • Societies attached to Faculty of Medicine


The Colombo Medical Students’ Hindu Society

The Colombo Medical Students’ Hindu Society is one of the cultural societies formed with the intention of fostering religious and social harmony in collaboration with the other societies and as well as developing individual and group skills.

For more details: Sarujan Mylvaganam (President)


The University of Colombo Clinical Society (UCCS)

The University of Colombo Clinical Society is the only undergraduate-led Clinical Society in the country. We aim to enhance and consolidate the clinical knowledge of our members and provide a platform to apply this newfound knowledge. Our two main programmes are MEDtalks and Grand Rounds. In MEDtalks the Society invites game changers and innovators, men and women on the frontlines of change to come and inspire an audience composed largely of medical students. Grand Rounds is a case-based discussion bringing in expert clinicians critically analysing a case specially targeted to an undergraduate medical student audience.

For more details: Thisura Wijewardena (President) / Raveen Wijayasinghe (Secretary)


Medical Faculty Muslim Majlis

Our aim as the medical faculty muslim majlis is to build a culture where people of different faiths can uphold their own values but still respect, love and care for those who differ from them. We hope to achieve a society where people respect, love and care for each other despite our differences.

For more details: Afrah Niyas (President) / Aatiqa Mubarak (Secretary)


Rotaract Club of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo

The Rotaract Club of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo is the first Medical Faculty based club in the Rotaract International District of Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Established in 2018 under our charter president Rtr. PP Tushani Ranawaka, the Rotaract Club has completed a total of 81 projects under the avenues of Community Service, Club Service, Professional Development, International Services and Public Relations. Our motto is “Healing through Service”. The club was recognized as the “Most Striving Club of the Year” and was awarded a total of six Gold Awards, two Silver Awards and three Bronze Awards at the Rotaract District Assembly 2021.

For more details: Afrah Niyas (President)



The Golden Z Club of the Faculty of Medicine

The Golden Z Club of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo is a student club under Zonta International, focusing on empowering and uplifting women, children and vulnerable populations through advocacy and community service.

For more details: Sadini Upeka (President) / Ramith Fonseka (Secretary)



Anatomical Society

Anatomical society, Faculty of Medicine, University of is a registered society under the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka and was established on 10th December 2014, a year following the centurion celebration of the historical Anatomy block of the faculty.
The anatomical society is the only society of the faculty which is run by the youngest batch of students of Faculty of medicine and it is unique in that it opens up opportunities for them to display and develop their talents and skills while gaining a thorough insight into anatomy appreciating how form correlates with function in the human body, exceeding core academic objectives while promoting interpersonal relationships, resource sharing and enjoying a blissful university life.

  • The Journal of the Anatomical Society-compressed  (Click here)

For more details: Udhishtran Arudchelvam (President) / Yuvini Mapalagama (Secretary)


The Core Group for Disaster Relief (CGDR)

The Core Group for Disaster Relief (CGDR) which was started in the year 2005 has been actively participating in providing relief during disasters and spreading knowledge on disaster management with the aim of producing medical professionals capable of taking initiative and acting for the betterment of the society in times of disaster. The society made valuable contributions during the 2005 Tsunami, 2017 floods and the 2019 bomb blast which were disasters that affected the nation on a large scale. The society has also done several other projects including first aid training programs for students, COVID 19 pandemic awareness campaigns, awareness campaigns on accidents and their prevention and on the spread of Dengue.

For more details: Hiran Karunaratne (President) / Sandamini Liyanage (Secretary)


Sports Association

Faculty of medicine Sports association (FMSA) , University of Colombo, established in the year 1997, is a student body that promotes sports and related activities among undergraduates in the faculty of medicine , University of Colombo.

For more details: Chethaka Wijegunasinghe (President) / Hasni Gunaratne (Secretary)


Medical Students’ Buddhist Association

Medical Students’ Buddhist Association, the heart of Buddhist students in the faculty, render a remarkable service, not only for our faculty, but also for the community beyond the faculty walls. “Wassana Diyawara” is the annual flagship project carried out by the association, which uplifts the lifestyle of a selected rural community. Other than this, there are many other programmes such as Dhamma Discussions, Bhawana Programmes, Book Donation Programme, Annual Pirith Ceremony, Sil Programme, Blood donation Programme, Vesak Festival, Poson Bakthi Geetha , Dansala and many more.

For more details: Sandul Gunathunga (President) / Kalpa Weerasinghe (Secretary)


Students Involved in Rational Health Activities

Students Involved in Rational Health Activities (SIRHA) is one of the oldest non-profit student societies of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo. The Mission of SIRHA is to strive towards opening the minds of university students to aspects of health care, such as health promotion, resource prioritization and the rational use of medicines in order to make them better health care providers and to raise awareness of the general public.

For more details: Chamath Lavinda (President) / Thanuja Madawala (Secretary)



Catholic Medical Students’ Society

Catholic Medical Students’ Society of University of Colombo is one of the oldest societies which has a proud history of about 70 years (history goes back to the 1950s). The society directs students towards the facilitation of the process of building up true medical professionals with competence, compassion and care through Christian values and promoting inter-religious harmony within the faculty. The society had organised events such as Annual Carol services, Retreat, Freshers’ Welcome, Annual General Meeting, Sabbath day, Charity, Annual trip, Spiritual sessions, Way of the cross. Various discussions regarding controversial topics such as abortion, contraceptives artificial insemination and euthanasia were held in order to educate the young medical students.


For more details: Chanil Warnakulasooriya (President) / Anjali Rodrigo (Secretary)


Association of Wildlife and Photography

From capturing the beauty and the fantasy of nature, to freezing memories to frame, the society of wildlife and photography has done it all.
Started with the aim of appreciating the art of photography, it has become one of the most active clubs in the faculty.

For more details: Malith Sugandike (President) / Rukmi Rusirini (Secretary)


Aesthetic Circle

Giving light to the idea of building up a stage to bring out the hidden aesthetic talents of students, the faculty aesthetic circle was established in January 2019 as a project of MFSU/MSWS. The students of all the batches of the faculty represent the circle and the main goal of the society is to provide opportunities for students to exhibit their artistic work to their fellow colleagues and to the society. Furthermore, through the events organized by the aesthetic circle, students get a chance to share their ideas with others and express their feelings to others in a creative manner.


Medical Faculty Research Community

The Medical Faculty Students’ Union (MFSU) and Medical Students’ Welfare Society (MSWS) of Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo inaugurated this novel platform in November 2020, to enhance research skills in the students and utilise the abundant research opportunities that are available in the faculty. Addressing medical students who are enthusiastic in research, this community will continue to provide a platform for medical students to engage and collaborate with the wider scientific research community.

Coordinator – Sanduni Gamage


Societies attached to University of Colombo

Guideline for establishing of Student Society  (Click here)

Model constitution for Student Organization  (Click here)

Several facilities are provided for indoor and outdoor sports, both at the main university premises and the Faculty of Medicine. The main university sports complex has facilities for carrom, badminton, weightlifting, table tennis, chess, boxing and wrestling. Large grounds are also available for general sports training including cricket, rugby, football, netball, hockey,and athletics. There are tennis courts, volleyball courts and basketball courts as well. The Medical Faculty has facilities for table tennis, carrom, billiards, badminton and chess. Moreover, gymnasium facilities are available both at the main university premises and the Faculty of Medicine.

The Battle of Medicos, The Annual Cricket Match between the Medical Faculties of Colombo and Peradeniya is organized jointly by the Medical Faculty Students’ Union and the Faculty of Medicine Sports Association.


Sports Available in the Faculty

Badminton Baseball Basketball Carrom Chess Cricket
Football Hockey Karate Netball Rugby Rowing
Scrabble Swimming Table tennis Taekwondo Tennis Track and field
Volleyball Wrestling

Sports Available at the University

Badminton Baseball Basketball Beach Volleyball Boxing Carrom
Chess Cricket Elle Football Hockey Kabaddi
Karate Netball Road race Rowing Rugby Scrabble
Swimming Table tennis Taekwondo Tennis Track and Field Volleyball
Weightlifting Wrestling

Functions and Sports Festivals of FMSA

  • Law – medical sports encounter
  • Inter medical faculty championship
  • Med fest – Interbatch sports tournament
  • Battle of Medicos – cricket encounter between Faculty of medicine, university of Colombo and Faculty of medicine, university of Peradeniya.
  • Football Med Classico – Football encounter between Faculty of medicine, university of Colombo and Faculty of medicine, university of Peradeniya.
  • Colors Awards Ceremony of Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo.


Faculty of Medicine Sports Association ( President)
Chethaka Wijegunasinghe

Faculty of medicine sports association ( Secretary )
Hasni Gunaratne

The Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo provides a great platform for their students to burnish their talents in arts. They are self organised by students under the guidance of the staff members. In a way these bring a relaxation to stressful and busy student life.

Religious Events Annual Pirith Chanting Ceremony & Almsgiving Faculty Trip Awurudu Ceremony
Freshers Welcome First year Batch Trip – Hanthana Freshers Cricket Colombo – Peradeniya Crickets Match
Ninnada Annual Blood Donation Camp Wassana Diyawara Book Donation Programme
Med – Fest Law – Med Annual carols Annual Bakthi Gee Programme